What You Don't Know About HFTs is Hurting You [Round Table Webinar]

Posted on April 8, 2013, 10:46 a.m.
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We had a fantastic turn out last night as we discussed HFTs and how they affect the average investor. 

I want to thank the panelists that shared their insights and knowledge with us as we attempted to break down a very complex issue affecting our market structure today.

  1. Mani Majouri - CIO and Chief Strategist at TradeWorx 
  2. Haim Bodek - Author of The Problem of HFT 
  3. Dave Moenning - Founder of The State of the Markets 
Here was the main take aways from the webinar:
  1. Understand the difference between High Frequency Trading algo (HFT) and computer trading or algo trading.
  2. CALL YOUR BROKER - This issue is extremely complex. Make sure that the companies/people you are trusting with your hard earned money understand the issues and are taking action. (Especially those with a fiduciary  responsibility to you.)
  3. Main Predatory Issues:
    1. Queue (line) jumping 
    2. Quote Stuffing 
    3. Unfair access to information provided by the exchanges 
  4. Problem stems from lack of regulation  (but it seems as if some may be coming)
Lastly, and most importantly, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. If we as the people want change, then change will come. But getting educated on the topic is where we need to start.
Here are some resources that I would recommend:
Please feel free to reach out any time if you need anything else. This is why we built Marketfy, to give you an ally in the markets. 
- Kyle. 

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