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Combining Astrology With Chart Analysis To Discover Winning Trades.

Financial Astrology is the new technical analysis!

The future of investing is in knowing the trend before it's the trend. Technical analysis has become so widely used that it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Stocks can move more on the consensus sentiment of technical analysts than based on the underlying technicals. Then, when the masses get involved, stocks become very unpredictable  Karen uses her unique approach with financial astrology to determine the likely outcome, while the media distorts the probabilities.

From there, Jeff uses his form of technical analysis to determine which stocks are poised to move on that trend and the best levels to position subscribers. Often times the stocks we discover are uncovered gems that are on the cusp of a large move based on the astrology, technical patterns, and a catalyst in the form of positive earnings reaction.

Astrology Traders was conceived in 2011, right in the midst of a US downgrade, and a political climate that was clearly threatening another catastrophic collapse similar to 2009's. A flood of subscribers came on board then, and many have stayed on while new subscribers joined as we continued to successfully interpret the astrology and define the outcome, all while navigating successful trades often in the midst of volatility.

A subscription to Astrology Traders includes:

  • A newsletter each Sunday, with astrology analysis covering upcoming trends.
  • Cut through the news chatter with reality defined in planetary aspects.
  • New stocks every week with technical set-ups and entry levels.
  • Weekly portfolio updates and trade alerts with price targets.
  • An educational monthly webinar on financial astrology, including stock discussions.
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What's Inside

Resource Page A reference page with helpful content for new subscribers

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Blog Posts with actionable ideas and analysis

Portfolio Tracked trading portfolio and real-time trade alerts via email or text message

Videos Videos featuring the Maven's market commentary and insights

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