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It's simple : where does one go on the web for accurate and expanding precise and actionable intel on anything and everything on how to make money actively trading and investing ? Check in with Dav...
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Achieve your investment goals in years instead of decades.


Want to achieve your investment goals in years instead of decades? Bitcoin is described as a "generational opportunity" by venture capitalists. Maven David Smith is on track to retire from bitcoin in two years.

If you like high returns, bitcoin has got them. In 2013 bitcoin returned over 60,000 percent to investors!

Like volatility? Bitcoin moves 5-10 percent with no news. When there is market moving news, watch-out it can be a rocket or a drop off a cliff!

Opportunity from Volatility

Trading bitcoin and digital currencies is risky because of the huge volatility. Think of Amazon when it launched back in 1994. It was a very volatile stock trying to revolutionize the retail industry. It has a $150 Billion market cap because it is tackling a large opportunity.

However digital currencies have the potential to disrupt every financial transaction on the planet. Not only books or groceries, everything. Thats where the volatility and opportunity enter. By being savvy and getting in at the early stages you have the opportunity to achieve your investment goals in years instead of decades.

How Profit from Bitcoin Helps

The digital currency space is filled with tech jargon and reports who don't understand the technology or implications of changes to software.

Maven David Smith does. Before owning his own businesses and day trading stocks, David was a software developer. In fact he still writes software from time to time.

These attributes uniquely positions David to get past headlines and understand actual issues with these digital currencies. With his sales background he is able to break down these topics into accurate actionable investment recommendations.

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