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Daily Trade Picks Based On Institutional Ratings Coverage

When large institutional analysts come out with a ratings update, everyone takes note. It gives you an idea of how the “big guys” are expecting things to go. But if you read between the lines, there’s a lot more there than one may initially think. There is plenty of opportunity for profit in knowing when to follow - and when to fade - the Street. Using an intimate knowledge of what typically goes on behind an analyst call, as well as through in-depth reading of pertinent analyst notes, Ilir Shkurti has been able to generate consistent returns on a weekly basis.

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for Ilir Shkurti’s “Trade The Rating”:

Pre-Market Summary of stocks believed to post likely moves based on the latest and most relevant analyst research notes. Each stock being considered for a trade receives an analyst research-style writeup with the necessary qualitative and quantitative breakdown of why and how the trade should be taken.

Instant Trade Alerts 3-5 times per week delivered via email, text message, and the Marketfy feed. You will be notified of every position entered, exited, and the number of shares allocated on every single trade. You are walked through every single trade from start to finish to enforce discipline in your trading behavior. 

Position Updates immediately following entry and throughout exits on all pertinent developments to the position. 

One-On-One Communication with Ilir on a daily basis. You have direct contact via the Marketfy feed throughout the day which allows you to ask questions, get updates on open positions, and discuss the overall markets.Market updates, outlooks, and recaps delivered via email and on the Marketfy platform. Ilir will make sure you are up to do on what is happening in the markets with rating updates and how they will impact open or prospective positions. 

This is YOUR way to taking advantage of rating updates instead of just taking note of them.

Subscribing now will change how you approach the markets and change your portfolio for the better.

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