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Trade The Ratings reads between the lines to find weekly profits by analyzing and back testing the rating updates issued by large institutions. There’s more to the story than meets the eye. “Trade The Ratings” spells out that story and finds profits on a weekly basis.

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About Ilir Shkurti

Ilir Shkurti joined Benzinga in November 2011 as an analyst with over 7 years of capital markets experience. He holds MBA and MSF degrees and is a CFA candidate. Ilir believes in letting the data set guide one’s mindset, and this has applied to ...

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  • Resource Page

    Discover a variety of educational resources to help you start learning Ilir’s strategy, community rules, and how to get the most out of the product.

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    Keep up to date on everything going on in the product! Marketfy aggregates all of Ilir’s blog posts, videos, and trade alerts in real-time to give you one feed with all of the latest activity.

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    Stay ahead of the market with Ilir’s insight and commentary. Stock market updates and outlooks have never been more accessible.

  • Videos

    Access a video library filled with education to help you succeed in the market. Now it’s easy to understand the strategy and know what stocks to watch each day.

  • Livedesk

    We’ve built the live trading room so you can follow step-by-step trading decisions in real-time. Stuck on a trade? Ask questions and get answers right away while you follow along.

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    Whether you have two minutes or two hours to explore, the chat room will give you easy access to discuss recent trade picks, market news, and community trading ideas. 

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    Track trading portfolio and real-time trade alerts via email or text message. Discover past trades and dive into charts of the strategy over time.

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