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We believe that numbers, data, and performance should speak for itself. Using our proprietary technology, Marketfy removes all threats of portfolio and trade alert manipulation.

Marketfy brings 100%, full transparency to the world of online trade alerts, newsletters, and educational tools

The Marketfy seal of verification indicates a fully tracked, tested, approved, and transparent financial product.

So how does Marketfy prevent manipulation?

All Mavens and products go through an application process before being listed on the Marketfy platform.

  • Mavens are background checked during the application process.
  • Trade alert products and services are traded by an in house Marketfy employee for a minimum of 30 days during the application process.
  • All financial courses, materials, and tools are tested for quality and assurance during the application process.

Every trade alert issued by a Maven is entered on Marektfy's proprietary technology that works just like an online brokerage. This makes it possible for every trade alert to be tracked and viewable on a 100% fully transparent portfolio.

See below how Marketfy verifies and tracks every single trade alert that you receive?

  1. Maven's come to the Marketfy platform when they want to issue a trade alert to their members.
  2. Mavens select the stock, option, commodity, or currency that they will be trading.
  3. Mavens specify the risk size of the position.
  4. Mavens execute the trade alert to their members.
  5. Entry or exit price of the trade alert is based on the real-time market price at the time of the alert being executed.
  6. Members receive the trade alert instantly via email, text message, or the Marketfy website.