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420 Investor is the hub for every investor interested in profiting from the Green Rush. Billions in federal funding are anticipated to pour into the marijuana industry over the upcoming year—unleashing a wealth of opportunity for sizable gains. Join Financial Analyst, Alan Brochstein & the 420 Investor community today.

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FULL Long 825.00 $8.12 $8.68 $464.75 6.94% 01/22/2014 03/27/2014
PHOT Long 5000.00 $0.55 $0.63 $399.50 14.52% 03/24/2014 03/26/2014
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420 Investor by Alan Brochstein

Download your Alan’s special report: “The 420 Investor Guide to Cannabis Stocksright now to get an insider’s view of why this budding industry is poised for $150 billion dollar growth and what it means for marijuana investors. This essential guide is yours absolutely FREE!

Alan Brochstein’s 420 Investor is the go-to community for Green Rush investors to learn, explore, and profit from the marijuana companies that Alan weeds out during his in-depth analysis and interviews with the cannabis company CEOs.

The main goal of 420 Investor is to provide real-time, objective information about the top marijuana companies in the market in order to help investors capitalize on cannabis.

Alan shares his analysis and sends buy recommendations for stocks that appear to have a high probability of producing profits. But the scope of 420 Investor goes well beyond a one-way dialogue.

Alan personally answers questions from his 420 community, he leads a lively 1-hour discussion on “Mid-Week Chat” from 9 to 10 pm ET, and he hosts live events with industry leaders and companies so that his 420 community can gain a better understanding of the rapid growth in this quickly evolving sector.

420 Investors also have full access to the exclusive members-only chat room and forums where you can discuss ideas, trading strategies, and market trends. Whether you’re new to investing or a seasoned trader, you’re sure to learn actionable ideas from Alan’s tight-knit 420 community.

And 420 Investor offers both a short-term and long-term portfolio, so you’re sure to have recommendations that can help you capitalize on cannabis, regardless of your trading style.

With even more states pending legislation to legalize marijuana and more than $150 billion in additional funding poised to hit the industry in the coming months, there will be substantial profits available for the taking.

There’s never been a better time than now to be a 420 Investor!

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What you get with 420 Investor

  • Chat Room

    The chat room provides an active community for members to discuss ideas, trading strategies and get market moving news in real-time. The community is made up of market experts, mavens, and other traders with the same strategies as you. It’s also a great place to get assistance and help.

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  • Education

    Learn about the markets in the fastest, most effective way from mavens and other industry experts. Whether you want to learn to trade full time or just generate an extra monthly income, the education will shorten your learning curve and improve your results.

  • Blog Posts

    Receive access to Alan Brochstein's latest blog posts as well as an archive of his past entries. These blogs will help you keep up with insights on past trades, thought on current market conditions, and will update you on Alan Brochstein's upcoming events and appearances.

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26 Stocks Leveraged to Marijuana

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Trading Style:

  • Type of Trading: Stocks.
  • Frequency of Trading: Day Trading, Long Term Investing, and Swing Trading.

Alan Brochstein

Before I became the leading “Cannabis Financial Analyst” in the marijuana industry, I spent numerous years on the inside of the investment industry as a portfolio manager.

Prior to earning my CFA charter in 1997, I worked in NYC for Kidder, Peabody, & Co. in bonds from 1986 to 1992. Later in 1992, I joined First Boston’s investment management subsidiary before becoming a portfolio manager with Criterion Investment Management in 1994 —co-managing $10 billion in fixed-income investments. In 2000, I made the move to stocks, joining a small firm in Houston as an analyst and portfolio manager. I remained at the firm until 2006, when I left to form my own business, AB Analytical Services—working as a research consultant for several investment advisors.

In 2008, I began offering a model portfolio service to individual investors ( And in 2009, I had the pleasure of working with an independent research firm that focused on evaluating the management teams of publicly-traded companies. I created The Analytical Trader in 2013—a service focused on providing swing trading ideas which offered a 4:1 reward/risk ratio over a two-week timeframe.

After seeing a strong need for more investor transparency among cannabis companies in early 2014, I launched the 420 Investor— a service committed to providing real-time, objective information about the top marijuana companies in the market.

In the process of launching the 420 Investor, I became a much-needed ally to marijuana investors, being hailed as one of the top “Cannabis Financial Analysts” in the industry.

My philosophy is simple: I believe that when people have access to ideas based on sound processes and backed by decades of experience, they can manage their own money and still have a market-beating performance. It’s my goal to provide exactly this type of know-how to investors everywhere.

If you’d like to learn more about my market views or experience, please check out my 600+ articles on Seeking Alpha.

You can also find me on LinkedIn at