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    by frankrayalcala
    — 15 hours ago #1914

    Ab u r the best and I can't thank u enough for ur Helpful insight... God bless Ya And Thanks For pointing Us in the right directions.... you are a legend and an inspiration to the movement and the end of prohibition.. sincerely thank u

    by andrewkahn1
    — 16 hours ago #1910

    I find the updates very helpfull. I would rate as a 4. It would help if there were clearer charts

    by Texas Toker
    — 2 days ago #1885

    Good community but poor stock calls, needs to be able to tell people to get out when the industry is cashing instead of just saying buy more.

    by ryanscow
    — 2 days ago #1881

    I am so happy to be a part of this group, this is what I have wanted for years and it's all about to happen. Let's do it

    by thomascoffee
    — 3 days ago #1874

    Excellent product. Enjoy Alan informations he provides. Great community of people. Great website layout. Enjoy daily audio updates and the forum.

    by tripprich
    — 3 days ago #1870

    Alan knows what he is talking about. Just take a month to settle in and you won't leave! The returns are in the black and stay that way when you keep up with the market.

    by lauriehester
    — 4 days ago #1860

    Couldn't invest in MJ stock without this group and Alan's excellent advice. I've learned so much about investing and reading charts from him.

    by MikeDe1025
    — 4 days ago #1857

    I've learned more about trading in the two weeks I've been a 420i member than in the three years before it. The place is full of knowledge and help and the people here are great Alan goes above and beyond anything I've imagined to bring us news, views, and mostly the truth. The truth is most important to me here. All around the internet you can find BS everywhere you look. But on 420i you can believe what you hear. I could go on and on. 420i has just helped me so much I can't be thankful enough. Mike

    by greener pastures
    — 4 days ago #1855

    i started investing pot stocks in late 2013 and feel lucky to have found articles by Alan on SA. Following him on 420i was a no-brainer after heeding his advice yielded some substantial gains for me early on.

    by cowmos
    — 5 days ago #1852

    Good site for understanding whats out there and getting heads up when the HYPE is coming. But do not take seriously what is said because it will come and bite you in the butt. Follow AB's calls to sell and BUY only when HYPE is going on and you will be safe. There is a lot of stuff I personally feel AB knows he does not relate to people. Paying for site that gives info is good but I think it is over priced. You have to do research on your own and that is time consuming... Good chat room!

    by charlescook
    — 5 days ago #1850

    I haven't got started yet but I really have confidence that this is the place to be. I believe that Allen will take us to the promised land, especially with his credentials and background! Green rush still coming!

    by RockyMota
    — 5 days ago #1849

    I love all the good advice and insight, I only wish the was some way of following some of the members.

    by jamespoynter1
    — 6 days ago #1848

    I am amazed at how much time and energy Alan spends on this. I believe he really is the expert. However, I have lost money since joining because the market is so bad. I have purchased almost all of the stocks in his portfolio, but it all keeps going down. The subscription is a good buy. Now, let's hope the market cooperates. -- Jim Poynter

    by Tree of Life
    — 6 days ago #1847

    Alan delivers a solid product that I have learned a great wealth of knowledge from 420 Investor. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in cannabis stocks.

    by maryrapone
    — 6 days ago #1844

    You are detailed, thorough, and it is clear you put your heart as well into these matters. This is of urgent and timely value for individual investors as well as the industry. In all the research and reading I have done, your work, and communications to investors is without a doubt the eye in the storm. Thank you, M.R.

420 Investor

Trade alerts, chat, and commentary for "green rush" investors.

420 Investor is the hub for anyone interested in investing in the Green Rush. Legalization of medical and recreational marijuana will be transformative and will likely provide substantial investment opportunities. Join Alan Brochstein, Cannabis Financial Analyst, for analysis, alerts, chat and live events.


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Alan Brochstein

I have worked in the investment industry since 1986 and earned the CFA charter in 1997. I worked for Kidder, Peabody in bonds from 1986-1992 and then First Boston's investment management subsidiary from 1992-1994, both in NYC. I then joined Criterion Investment Management (later acquired by Nicholas Applegate and then West LB) as a portfolio manager helping to manage $10 billion in fixed-income investments. In 2000, I made the move to stocks, joining a small firm in Houston as an analyst and portfolio manager. I left in 2006 and formed my own business, AB Analytical Services.

From 2007 until March, 2014, when I made the decision to devote my time exclusively to the cannabis sector, I worked as a research consultant to several investment advisors. Additionally, I offered a model portfolio service to individual investors from 2008 (, adding a private blog in 2011. In 2009, I began working with an independent research firm that focuses on evaluating the management teams of publicly-traded companies. In 2013, I came to the Marketfy platform and launched The Analytical Trader, with the goal of providing swing-trading ideas that would offer 4:1 reward-to-risk over a two-week time-frame. Later in the year, sensing an unmet need in the market for objective information on cannabis-related stocks, I launched 420 Investor as the go-to place to help investors capitalize on the "Green Rush". Finally, I have been one of the most successful bloggers at Seeking Alpha since early 2007. You can access my 600+ articles at

I am very dedicated to the idea that people can manage their own money and get market-beating performance at a reasonable all-in cost, avoiding costly middlemen who tend to deliver mediocre performance, at best. My goal is to help you by providing ideas that are based on sound processes and decades of experience, letting you make the ultimate judgment regarding the commitment of capital. I enjoy interacting with subscribers and look forward to working with you.

You can find me on LinkedIn: