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The Daily Buzz

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The Daily Buzz by Greg Loehr

If you were to sit next to Michael Jordan and watch a basketball game, do you think he would see things you didn't? Of course!  You're seeing the same action; but he sees it sooner, from many different angles, and more in-depth than you ever thought possible.

Here's your chance to join the Daily Buzz Chat Room and "sit" next to an options expert and professional for an entire hour every weekday starting at 11:00am ET (GMT-4). 

  • Discuss trades - Which expiration is better? Am I handling this strategy the right way?  What am I potentially missing on this trade?  Talk to someone with unparalleled knowledge.
  • Get opinions and insights - Two heads are better than one, right?  We'll learn at earnings, volatility plays, income plays, and more.  Learn about something you may not even have thought of from more than two decades of experience.
  • Make yourself a better trader - You can't correct mistakes you don't see, right?  You can't optimize if you don't know how.  You can get better; we can show you how. Simple.

Join the discussion and interact directly with nine-year floor veteran Greg Loehr.  Ask questions and get valuable feedback from his expertise.  Or, just sit back and soak it all in.  Either way, it'll be the smartest thing you do all day.

What you get with The Daily Buzz

  • Chat Room

    The chat room provides an active community for members to discuss ideas, trading strategies and get market moving news in real-time. The community is made up of market experts, mavens, and other traders with the same strategies as you. It’s also a great place to get assistance and help.

  • Blog Posts

    Receive access to Greg Loehr's latest blog posts as well as an archive of [his/her] past entries. These blogs will help you keep up with insights on past trades, thought on current market conditions, and will update you on Greg Loehr's upcoming events and appearances.

Latest Activity from The Daily Buzz

Options and stocks involve substantial risk and are not suitable for all investors. Subscribers are urged to evaluate any strategy prior to use to understand the risks and suitability for their personal investment use. Please read Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options prior to investing in options.

If you engage or plan to engage in auto-trading of any strategy, please refer to All About Auto-Trading.

This portfolio is a sample “paper” portfolio for informational and educational purposes only recommended by Greg Loehr as representative of The Daily Buzz and is not tailored to the individual circumstances or investment needs of any subscriber. This portfolio does not represent an actual portfolio held by Greg Loehr, and the performance of this portfolio is not necessarily the performance experienced by Greg Loehr with respect to [his/her] securities holdings and trades. Greg Loehr may have a financial interest in the recommendations [he/she] makes as [he/she] may hold or trade some of the same securities for [him/her]self, family members and [his/her] clients.

It should not be assumed that future recommendations will be profitable or will equal past performance. As with any potential opportunity to earn profits, there is a risk of loss.

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  • Trading: Options
  • Asset Class: Options, ETFs
  • Frequency: Day Trading, Long Term Investing, and Swing Trading


  • Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • $25k in Trading Account


  • Learn to trade Options & ETF effectively.
  • Make that money, honey!

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Trading Style & Goals

Trading Style:

  • Type of Trading: Options.
  • Frequency of Trading: Day Trading, Long Term Investing, and Swing Trading.

About the Maven

Greg Loehr

Greg Loehr has been active in the options trading industry since 1990 when he first began working for the preeminent proprietary options trading firm Susquehanna Investment Group. Loehr began his career on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in Susquehanna’s FX futures and options operation as part of a team supporting five currency option traders, as well as the firm’s traders on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange and the London spot currency trading desk.

His professional training came in the form of game theory, quantitative option theory and pricing, and position risk management, and he spent time training with the firm’s founding partners before going on to trade the firm’s capital for the next three years as an equity options market maker on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

Loehr co-founded Third Millennium Trading, LLC with a Susquehanna colleague after leaving that firm in 1996. He continued to trade on the floor of the CBOE and co-managed the firm's trading desk. He also was responsible for training the firm’s market makers to trade the company’s capital.

After eight years as a member of the CBOE, Loehr left the trading floor. In 2004, he discovered his passion for sharing his knowledge with others, teaching options strategy, and has been teaching online courses and weekend seminars ever since. Loehr’s approach to options education breaks down “theory to tactics” as he details the core skills used by every professional on Wall Street into useable and practical details we can all follow. Loehr has taught thousands of students through webinars and in-person seminars throughout the US and around the globe including Ireland, England, Dubai, Canada and Australia.

Loehr earned his J.D. from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, IL; and he holds the RG146 license from the Australian Securities Investment Commission.


A little or a lot.  Doesn't matter.  I'll be gentle.


Legally, I can't do that.  But we can have an open discussion about the pros and cons of any trade.  And I think that the smarter you become about options, the better trading decisions you'll make.


First, it's really just typing, not chatting.  Second, you don't have to join in if you don't want.  You can just watch, and that's what a lot of traders will do.  No harm.


Yep.  No fake names or people here.  Just Greg and his fountain of knowledge.