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The financial markets are teeming with opportunity. Wall Street traders make huge gains, and too many people have a sinking feeling that they've fallen behind. Never have that feeling again! Join the Vader Trades community to get in on the market's most promising trades. Enjoy futures, stock, and options trade alerts.

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  Symbology Position Quantity Entry Exit P/L ($) P/L (%) Entry Date Exit Date
DIS Options 15.00 1.02 1.26 $360.00 23.53% 04/16/2014
DIS May 17 2014 Call 80.0 Short -15.00 $1.12 $1.59 $-705.00 -41.96% 04/15/2014 04/16/2014
DIS May 17 2014 Call 77.5 Long 15.00 $2.14 $2.85 $1,065.00 33.18% 04/15/2014 04/16/2014
YELP Long 200.00 $61.50 $66.20 $940.00 7.64% 04/15/2014 04/16/2014
SPY Apr 19 2014 Put 182.5 Long 15.00 $0.92 $1.40 $720.00 52.17% 04/14/2014 04/14/2014
SPY Apr 19 2014 Put 182.5 Long 15.00 $0.92 $1.17 $375.00 27.17% 04/14/2014 04/14/2014
OVTI Long 300.00 $18.47 $18.48 $3.00 0.05% 04/08/2014 04/10/2014
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Vader Trades by Vader Trades

So many traders, especially those trading on their own, need help in navigating market forces. Trading on your own is difficult. Trading alongside a professional will drastically increase your likelihood of making big profits. Not to mention saving you from losing money and staying awake through the night. 

Vader Trades does not predict how markets will perform. The success of our strategy lies in the fact that we do not predict the future, we react to real market information and follow price trends while employing a systematic risk management which aims to ensure capital preservation.

Join Vader Trades to receive instant trade alerts and ongoing market commentary on futures, options, and stock trades.


  • Manage Risk
  • Limit Drawdowns
  • Super Alpha - Outperform S&P Benchmark x2 or more
  • Idea Velocity - New ideas all the time

Vader Trades employs the following methods 

  • Fundamental screens
  • Support and resistance trend lines
  • Technical patterns and fractals
  • Divergences between price and momentum
  • Volume and market profiling
  • Sentiment

The number 1 rule of Vader Trades is to manage risk and to be patient.   

Vader Trades helps members avoid the following psychological pitfalls:  

  1. Failure to plan before placing a trade
  2. Improper money management
  3. Setting expectations too high
  4. Failure to use risk management
  5. Lack of patience and discipline
  6. Trading against the trend
  7. Letting losing positions spiral
  8. Hyper-trading and over-trading
  9. Failure to accept responsibility
  10. Lacking a big picture perspective

What you get with Vader Trades

  • Chat Room

    The chat room provides an active community for members to discuss ideas, trading strategies and get market moving news in real-time. The community is made up of market experts, mavens, and other traders with the same strategies as you. It’s also a great place to get assistance and help.

  • Trade Alerts

    All trade alerts are verified by Marketfy’s proprietary technology that tracks, verifies, and delivers alerts in realtime via email, text message, and the Marketfy activity feed.

  • Education

    Learn about the markets in the fastest, most effective way from mavens and other industry experts. Whether you want to learn to trade full time or just generate an extra monthly income, the education will shorten your learning curve and improve your results.

  • Blog Posts

    Receive access to Vader Trades's latest blog posts as well as an archive of his past entries. These blogs will help you keep up with insights on past trades, thought on current market conditions, and will update you on Vader Trades's upcoming events and appearances.

  • Portfolio

    Maven portfolios are generated automatically by Marketfy’s verification technology - removing all human error and manipulation. The full performance history compiles every trade alert issued and are 100% transparent.

  • Live Trading

    Watch, learn, and trade alongside Mavens in Marketfy’s live trading room. Communicate with the Maven via chat, watch every move made through screenshare, and receive realtime trade alerts sent directly to your computer screen.

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  • Trading: Options, Stocks, ETFs, and Futures
  • Asset Class: Options, ETFs
  • Frequency: Day Trading, and Swing Trading


  • Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • $25k in Trading Account


  • Learn to trade Options & ETF effectively.
  • Make that money, honey!

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Trading Style & Goals

Trading Style:

  • Type of Trading: Options, Stocks, ETFs, and Futures.
  • Frequency of Trading: Day Trading, and Swing Trading.

Vader Trades

"Don't underestimate the force."

In 1977, a movie villain named Darth Vader first stated these landmark words. In the universe of Star Wars, the force is an energy that transcends any one person or thing. Like the markets, it is ubiquitous and powerful.

Darth Vader's warning inspires our approach to the markets. Too many people underestimate the markets. Trading based on "gut feel" or a "get rich quick" seminar can be exciting and easy, but market forces always prevail. They reward those who deploy a disciplined, time-tested approach.

Whatever you want to say about Darth Vader, he understood the force. That's why this community is called Vader Trades. We've built a career on understanding market forces and how traders capitalize on them in our portfolios.

The moderator AKA 'Vader'.. has a background in high tech product management and strategy from companies like Oracle, Schwab, Wells Fargo and a few startups which got acquired. He also at times consults for Venture Capital firms in the Bay Area. Previous to 2009 he also ran a family fund with AUM over $10M and is currently planning a new fund focused on short term trading opportunities.


We may hold 1-10 trades at one time. Risk no more than 1-5% of account on option trades and 1-20% for stock swing trades.