420 Investor Calls Out Cannabis Stock Scam 2 Years Before SEC Shuts It Down

The publicly-traded cannabis sector is a snake pit, with many opportunists trying to take advantage of investors looking to capitalize on cannabis. I spend a lot of time searching for what appears to be just a few viable companies while outing many bad actors. In 2014, these scams were popping up quite frequently, but one that really caught my attention was Infinex Ventures (INFX). In fact, I spent several minutes describing the scam in the 9th video of my "Basics by Brochstein" series that was designed to help novice traders and investors better understand technical and fundamental analysis.

In that 9th video, starting at 4:30 in, I discuss the several ways I knew INFX was an outright scam.

On 9/30/16, the SEC suspended trading (you can read the court order as well), more than two years after I explained the scam for all to see:

Unfortunately, two years later, the landmines are still abundant. I continue to investigate new companies making bold claims regularly in both the public markets and also the private sector, where the opportunists operate as well. Members of 420 Investor can count on me to continue to shine the light!

Posted to Benzinga PotProfits on Oct 29, 2016 — 11:10 AM
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