Update on President Trump Headline Risk

We've noted that markets will be more Trump-dependent than Fed. Well here is something to ponder. This by no means is a political statement from me.

This is my attempt at gauging how traders will react Monday on the headline It could be nothing but worth noting:

President Trump signed a Refugee Order on Friday that could cause worry on Monday. It basically limits who can reenter the US and targets certain countries. It sounds harmless at first but:

1) It even includes those who have already legally acquired a green card.

2) There will be repercussions that could cause unease. For example, GOOGL already recalled its employees traveling before the order takes place. Another example is Foreign Airlines issue wide warning throughout regions that are affected. etc.

3) This is a strong step towards the "protectionism" that is believed to do harm.

Personally I think it's too early to judge but this could cause a little tizzy. Why? because it's a NEW headline. President Trump has been delivering on this promises and so far markets have taken them in a mild matter. Even the public spat with Mexico didn't register much fear. But that was between 2 countires. This order here targets a whole region with an entire group of people as targets.

Again, this is nothing to do with my views. I am merely dissecting events and their potential repercussions (if any) into stock prices.

Posted to Create Income with Option... on Jan 28, 2017 — 12:01 PM
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