The Weekly Top 10: Key Support Levels? Look at the 50 day moving averages.

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Table of Contents:

1) The markets are ripe for a pullback. Will the coronavirus be the catalyst?

2) Key levels to watch on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq if the market falls further.

2a) The Russell 2000 is closer to ITS key support levels.

3) Key levels for the important tech ETFs (XLK & SMH).

4) The yield on the U.S. 10yr note is also testing an important level.

5) Utilities have gone parabolic.

5a) The bank ETFs (KBE & KRE) are quite close to their next support levels.

6) The rally in the XLU shows how the algos distort things today, so stay nimble.

7) Sentiment reached pretty extreme levels early last week.

8) Gold’s recent action was good…even before Friday.

9) Tucker Carlson is terrified of Michael Bloomberg.

10) I HATE Ely Manning…BUT I do think be belongs in the HOF.

11) Summery of our current stance.

Short Version:

1) It’s impossible to know how this coronavirus will playout or what kind of impact it will have on the markets. However, since the market was overbought, overvalued (or at least highly valued) and over-loved early last week, it was (and still is) vulnerable…..We’d also note that Friday gave us “outside-down” days in several key averages. Those days are signs of exhaustion and are frequently followed by pull-backs that last for more than a day or two.

2) If (repeat, IF) the stock market does fall further, we’ll be watching certain key levels on the S&P and the Nasdaq. If they break those levels, it will signal that something more meaningful than just a hiccup is going to take place. A move below the 50 DMA (which would also give them their first “lower-lows” in many months) are the first levels we’re watching. (First two charts below.)

2a) The Russell 2000 Index has the same support level, but its support level is much closer to where it stands after Friday’s close. Thus it’s one we’ll be watching quite closely…right from the get-go next week. (3rd & 4th charts below.)

3) Looking at the key tech ETFs (the XLK & SMH), the XLK is quite similar. A break below its 50 DMA would send up a warning flag, but we have to admit that this level is still 7% away from current levels….The SMH is a bit closer (5% away)…and that is also where its trend-line from early October comes-in. In other words, the tech ETFs have a bit more wiggle room, but these are the lines we’ll be watching if they do indeed see more weakness. (5th & 6th charts below.)

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Posted to The Maley Report on Jan 26, 2020 — 11:01 AM
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