MCIG: Here is the mCig

Good news:  My mCig just arrived

Bad news:  I really have no idea what to do with it!

Here it how the package looks:

The instructions on the back have misspellings and are missing some letters on the far right side, but they seem easy to follow:

  1. Insert dry leaf or wax after removing mouthpiece
  2. To operate, hold the black button

It also gave instructions on how to charge with the USB charger.

Here is the fully assembled mCig:  

I didn't measure it, but it's about 5 inches.

Here is just the mouthpiece, where the product is loaded:

The white mouthpiece pulls off easily and has a spring attached to it, with a piece of metal at the end.  This pushes the material towards the heat source.

Recharging is really easy - the longer part screws into the charger, and there is an LED that indicates when it is done.

To test functionality, I loaded a dried herb, and it certainly vaporized the plant matter.

Posted to 420 Investor on Sep 24, 2013 — 8:09 AM
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