Japan: The Next Casino Gaming Frontier?

Happy Thursday Everyone - 

Only one more day until my Detroit Tigers take the field to march towards being crowned the World Series Champs (Trash talk about sports is very much welcomed. Unless you are an Orioles fan. Then you have to wait until you actually make the playoffs.) 

Now on to why I am writing you today...

For reasons unknown to me, I have always followed casino stocks closely; never actually invested in them but always watched from afar. 

I read a great piece today by Matt McCall on the "Next Casino Gaming Frontier. " 

He talks about Japan possibly legalizing gambling and some stocks/ETFs that could be used to play the change.

Interesting read and the kind of ideas that I like to investigate. I am going to research the tickers he has in there to see if they match my investing criteria, but thought provoking at the very least.

Oh yea, I will be announcing the winners of the Amazon Gift cards from my blog post yesterday. I have received a wealth of great feedback for topics to teach at the November Holiday Summit. Keep them coming. 

Your, never took a gamble on casino stocks; only girlfriends, president -

Kyle Bazzy




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