Diego Pellicer: Leading the Charge To End Cannabis Prohibition

420 Investor had the great pleasure of hosting Jamen Shively, founder of Diego Pellicer, for two fascinating webinars.  One our four pillars of our service is to bring our subscribers outside experts and industry leaders, and we started at the top!  Shively's first presentation on October 1st, "The 'Dot Bong' Era: Jamen Shively Explores Capitalizing On Cannabis with 420Investor," covered all of this and more:

  • The size of the coming legal cannabis market
  • What a unique situation now exists with a market that size that has not one single established brand
  • The opportunity that he sees for Diego Pellicer as a retailer of premium marijuana
  • Challenges of establishing that brand with high-quality, consistent product
  • Why being the leading, first-to-mind brand is so important
  • The Diego Pellicer reality show… (yes really!)
  • Why Diego has partnered with the Northwest Patient Resource Center to create a new medical brand named Prima
  • What does the future of the legal cannabis market look like?

You can access this first webinar here (Jamen's presentation begins at minute 16) and, if you have time, the extended version here.

On October 8th, Jamen returned with his partner, John Davis, CEO of Northwest Patient Resource Center and a member of the Board of Directors of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA).  The presentation, "Capitalizing on Cannabis:  The Imminent Collapse of Cannabis Prohibition," described the state of the emerging social-use cannabis market and conveyed the history of cannabis prohibition and recent regulations. Cannabis policy expert Davis explained in detail why he believes that the recent approvals by voters in Colorado and Washington will likely be followed by a significant number of states legalizing recreational cannabis in 2016. After hearing John’s perspective, investors had a much better gauge of the future pace of legalization.

You can access the second webinar here 

Posted to 420 Investor on Oct 10, 2013 — 12:10 AM
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