Transparency: Have You Ever Been Lied to?

Hey Everyone -

As most of you know, Marketfy was built to help traders and investors find products (education courses, tracked portfolio, chat rooms, and more to come) to help you trade and invest. 

The biggest problem we found is there are few products that give TRUE transparency into who they are, portfolio performance and espcially what their paid members are saying about them.

On Marketfy, each product that a Maven runs contains REAL reviews (think like Amazon reviews) left by REAL paying customers.

How do I know? 

Because we are the marketplace (Marketfy) that "police" the reviews. And the Maven can't change or edit what a customer says about them on their product reviews.

And if someone leaves a bad review my customer care team reaches out to see how we can help make the situation better. I know if we can help you make money in the markets, we will have a truly special business on our hands. 

That's why I was so proud to see four amazing reviews come through yesterday across four different products:

Vader is the real deal. Real professional trading with no self promotion or endless talk about profits. I'm extremely impressed with this service. - Don M. (Vader Trades)
This is nice .I really like the product and the description as well. I rated it full. - Mack J. (Options Buzz )

Pretty good results so far. This spreadsheet if provided regularly is an interesting way to promote this service. Would also help to add max or min buy/sell price and action plan for fractional position bulding. - Leonid F. (Trade of the Day)

AB (Alan Brochstein) is very informative and stays on top of the stocks on his list. He has made nothing but great decisions that have lead to PROFITS, PROFITS and more PROFITS!! - Ryan L. (420 Investor)

We are here to connect you with experts (Mavens) that can help you navigate the markets. So tell us how we can help. 

If there is ever a product that's NOT on our marketplace that you want us to review, just send it over and I will go to work.

- Your, never going to quit until we find a better way to help you make money, president -

Kyle Bazzy

586.480.6419 (Cell)

248.636.1322 (Office)

Benzinga/Marketfy Office:

24471 W. Ten Mile Rd. Southfield, MI. 48033

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