Basics By Brochstein - Volume 1

This is series of nine short videos designed to help with novice education. Each video was about 8-12 minutes, with the intention of explaining key concepts in plain English, all with the goal of making you a more informed investor.


  • What is a Stock
  • What is Fundamental Analysis
  • What is Technical Analysis


  • Types of Orders
  • AS, OS and Float
  • Free-Riding
  • Wash-Sales
  • Chart-Terms


  • Different Types of Securities
  • Valuing a Stock
  • Averaging down


  • What is a "Gap"
  • Smart Investing Tip: Watchlists
  • Due Diligence 101


  • Why Diversify
  • How to Rebalance
  • The Silver Linings of Losses


  • Intro to Options
  • What's Your Style?
  • Accounting 101 in 4 Minutes


  • Wash Sales
  • Market Cap & Enterprise Value
  • Some Barriers to Successful Investing


  • Dilution
  • Splits & Reverse Splits
  • Ways Companies Go Public


  • Due Diligence Definition
  • Basic DD tools
  • DD example (INFX) - can't make this stuff up!

Remember, we have some great info posted here too:

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