Launching a LIVE morning radio show for traders

Hey Gang,

Tomorrow morning we are launching a live interactive radio show for traders and investors called Pre Market Info by Dennis Dick and Joel Elconin.

This is HUGE because it's a live webinar everyday so you can view their screen (charts and graphs) hear their commentary on the markets and most importantly INTERACT WITH THEM LIVE. 

The live interaction is my favorite part. 

Click Here to Get Registered For Tomorrow's Show

I have listened to the show every morning last week and loved it. Starts every day at 8:15am EST. Oh yea, and it's free right now.

Click Here to Get Registered For Tomorrow's Show 

- Sincerely the guy who thinks Sunday is a day to get ahead of the competition to build something that helps you ACTUALLY trade and invest - K.B.

Posted to Learn How to Use Marketfy P… on Jan 27, 2013 — 3:01 PM
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