Extracurricular Weekend Reading - December 5, 2014

Flagged Articles from this Week:



How United Tech CIO Robin Diamonte overhauled the company’s pension portfolio.


Frank Bourassa became the most “prolific counterfeiter in American history” after ending up with “more than $200 million in nearly flawless fake twenties stuffed in a garage.


A profile of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, “the most powerful woman in the world.


A look at North Dakota’s “highly unusual” oil and gas regulatory setup.


Video Reward for Reading this Far:

Skiing off an avalanche.


*I do my best to find free interesting content on the web, but unfortunately some of these articles may require a subscription. To get around that, try googling the article’s title and access it via the search results.

Have a good weekend,

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Posted to Cup & Handle Macro Research on Dec 01, 2014 — 1:12 PM
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