Breeze-Eastern Corp (NYSEMKT:BZC): The perfect buy and hold stock.

The latest issue of Singular Diligence is out with a deep dive into an obscure duopoly stock, Breeze-Eastern Corp (NYSEMKT:BZC). Breeze-Eastern Corp (NYSEMKT:BZC) makes rescue hoists, cargo winches, and cargo hooks for helicopters. They are typically used to lower and raise people from the helicopter, for example, to lower a rescuer down from the helicopter to the ground or sea and then have that rescuer attach an injured person and raise them both back up to the helicopter. A Breeze-Eastern rescue hoist can cost $250,000. The company has one competitor.

BZC is one of the safest and best long-term buy and hold opportunities we have featured in Singular Diligence. We have picked stocks with more upside. And we have picked stocks that were cheaper. But we have not picked any stocks with a clearer future. BZC is the perfect buy and hold stock.

Posted to Singular Diligence on Jun 08, 2015 — 6:06 PM
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