Ecstatic Plays Will Now Trade Stocks!

In addition to trading options, I will now start to trade stocks in my Ecstatic Plays Portfolio as well! In a year, I have tripled this portfolio trading options only and keeping cash at above 90%!

Since I do not need to use more than 10% of my portfolio in trading options, and, Marketfy members have asked me if I would trade stocks, I will start trading stocks as well.

For my existing members, nothing will change on the options side. I will allocate about 30% of the portfolio to trade stocks. I will keep cash in the portfolio above 50%. If you are looking to trade stocks as well, I suggest you also follow the percentage guidelines. Thank you!

If you haven't, start adding ETFs to your watch lists. Here are some of the main ETFs that I will look to trade:

YANG: China 3x Bear
YINN: China 3x Bull
SDS: Ultra Short SP500
SPY: SP500
UPRO: Ultra Long SP500
EWV: Ultra Short Japan
EPV: Ultra Short Europe
EDZ: Emerging Markets 3x Bear
DUG: Ultra Short Oil & Gas

In addition to the above ETFs, I will also trade normal stocks. I will not, however, be trading penny stocks. I do not believe in penny stocks. If I want to look for leverage, I will trade options.

To subscribe or to find out more about this product, please CLICK HERE. Come see what Ecstatic Plays offers and what we are trading next!

Good night and HappyTrading! ™

Posted to Ecstatic Plays on Aug 21, 2015 — 2:08 AM
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