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Alan Brochstein’s 420 Investor is the go-to community for investors to learn, explore, and profit from the marijuana companies. The main goal of 420 Investor is to provide real-time, objective information about the top marijuana companies in the market in order to help investors capitalize on cannabis.


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Before I became the leading “Cannabis Financial Analyst” in the marijuana industry, I spent decades on the inside of the investment industry as a portfolio manager. Prior to earning my CFA charter in 1997, I worked in NYC for Kidder, Peabody, & Co.…

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Great info. with TA, valuations, good info. on management teams, M&A, and company growth and profitability potential. Very educational and gives members a great edge for the cannabis sector with Alan's wealth of knowledge and experience. Thanks.

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420 Investor is THE definitive source for the serious cannabis investor. AB’s brilliance comes from his passion and commitment to his 420 investors - he’s objective, humble and unemotional his analysis. 420 is the best cannabis investment I’ve made.

Great information!

Great product. I only wish that I knew about 420 Investor earlier on.

420 Investor is invaluable. Alan has put together a very valuable service. The analysis is very timely and actionable. For anyone trading or actively invested in the cannabis space, 420 Investor is an "must-have" resource.

wonderful product I am loving it someone to talk to during these long trading hours

I have tried a couple of other cannabis investment newsletters and they were empty promises. AB offers his ability to understand financial statements, understands cannabis businesses, has a good understanding of charts, regulations. And he is making me money.

Alan is dedicated, knowledge, brilliant, and also nice!

Excellent product!

If you think this sector has investment potential, then this is the premier service available... bar none. Alan is knowledgeable and hard working. I am super impressed with his dedication and effort. If you are going to invest in cannabis (or even thinking about it), this service is well worth the price

I was very hesitant to subscribe and even held off for months. I’m stingy with my money. After following New Cannabis Ventures and seeing the quality of free content, I knew there had to be a treasure chest in the paid 420Investor subscription. I would say that holds true. While an investing beginner can probably get some good ideas, I would say the service is for more serious or tenured investors looking to up their game and stay on top of the news without shuffling through hours of Google searches for reliable information. There is a TON of information here that is easily accessible and is often accompanied with explanation. This guy works extremely hard for the money he is paid; I sure as hell wouldn’t trade jobs with him. I am so grateful he’s here for me though, and I’ve certainly made my money’s worth.

I have been following Alan for several years, his knowledge & insight within the cannabis industry is priceless!! The New Cannabis Ventures app is an excellent tool to help navigate the sector!! I just signed up for Investor420 and it is a comprehensive view of the cannabis sector with detailed analysis on stocks. I’m a member of several other cannabis Investment clubs and Alan’s Investor420 is by far the PREMIERE SERVICE!!! He goes above & BEYOND!!! If your following the cannabis sector..... Do yourself a FAVOR!!! Sign up with INVESTOR420!!! NOW!!!! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!! Jason J. Schilling

Alan's service is much more than I expected! Well worth the price of admission!