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Alan Brochstein’s 420 Investor is the go-to community for investors to learn, explore, and profit from the marijuana companies. The main goal of 420 Investor is to provide real-time, objective information about the top marijuana companies in the market in order to help investors capitalize on cannabis.


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Before I became the leading “Cannabis Financial Analyst” in the marijuana industry, I spent decades on the inside of the investment industry as a portfolio manager. Prior to earning my CFA charter in 1997, I worked in NYC for Kidder, Peabody, & C...

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Trading on paper IS NOT THE SAME AS HAVING REAL MONEY AT STAKE. I don't appreciate that he is not trading with his own money, yet recommending trades based mostly on pure speculation. He also trades FAR TOO OFTEN for someone who claims to believe in his "guesses" at price movements.

I would say the modal person here is more of a trader than investor, at least based on participation in forums and Alan's daily chats. As someone with at least a 6 month window, that skew bothered me at first, but I told myself to give the site 12 months before deciding whether or not to it is worth it. I am very glad I have stuck with the site: Alan is the best resource around. His insights are better than anything else I have read. He appears to respond to all forum posts, quickly. (I feel bad for his loved ones.) He is a clear writer. His financial background means he is attuned to valuations, which is very useful when he compares companies in roughly the same space. Even though the subscription fee is a much bigger percentage of my assets invested than it is for many people on the site, it has very much been worth it.

This is the place to be for everything cannabis no need to search other platforms to find information about cannabis because its all here in one place. Worth the money.

THE essential source for due diligence and insight in the cannabis market. Alan brings an extensive skill-set to bear for anyone looking to participate in the "Green RUSH".

Top-Notch! High quality analysis you can take to the bank.

It's worth every penny!


As a new trader I need to be comfortable with the people I communicate daily. I continue to be blown away by the amount of valuable information I receive daily from Alan. Also, the investors participating on chat are smart, successful and very supportive to us newbies! I'm very grateful I found 420 Investor.

Great investment! Very Happy with 420 Investor.

New to the site and am learning everyday. A lot of information offered from Alan and members

I have subscribed to other services and I have to say that in my experience Allan is the one of the hardest working, honest and responsive analyst I have ever had the pleasure to follow. In addition to being patient and kind, he is super smart! I have had amazing returns in just a few weeks (though I'm sure there will be down days), Nevertheless, I trust that your insight will be just as valuable whichever the way the wind goes. Thank you Allan! Hope to be a subscriber for a long, long time.

I signed up about a month ago and have some thoughts on 420 Investor. Pros: He covers not only the big guys (largely overbought), but more importantly, the small and unknown pot companies that were not mentioned by two other services that I subscribe to. There is some advantage in buying before the greater public gets in. Alan is tenacious and constantly on top of every little pot company out there every time there is some announcement or significant change in stock price. He sends out 6- 10 emails every day. Cons: I don't mind the heavy email sending, but he is a short term trader. He trades in an out of the same stocks. I just can't do this and it drives me crazy Plus the tax consequences for short term gains are serious. There are also tax consequences to "wash sales" of selling and buying the same stock within 30 days. I prefer at least, some intermediate time frame for buying and holding some stocks. If he thinks a company is worth owning, then buy it and hold it at least for a year. Otherwise, don't tell me to buy stock XYZ and then two weeks later, to sell it, and two weeks later to buy it back. Putting aside the "noise" of trading in and out of stocks, I still like his heavy detail daily analysis of this volatile market. I think I have a little advantage of knowledge of this market before the bigger investors jump in as a result of Alan's research.

I have finally made some money on the market instead of loosing. Should have done this long time ago. Alan Brochstein is a BEAST.

Enjoy Alan direction and service but could be organized better. Like all new metris such as support/resistance updates should be easy to find because people may be following as the udates occur. The varios stock portfolios and stock list shpould be together in one place not just a porfolio tab. overall its good but a work in progress.

You won’t find any investment group, newsletter, advisory or service that provides as much marijuana information or advice as Alan Brochstein’s 420 Investor. Why? Alan, the marijuana experts expert, eats, drinks, sleeps and probably dreams about marijuana. It seems like he researches marijuana stocks and the industry 24/7. Alan’s findings are shared via activity feeds, blog posts, chats, videos, newsletters, forms, portfolios, etc. The 420 site is probably the largest marijuana library in the world. The gem of the service is Alan himself. He is a hardworking, honest man with impeccable values who freely shares his knowledge, experience, timely insights, advice and wisdom. The bottom line is: Will you make money? I can’t predict the future but I can tell you that I am a stock market amateur who made a lot more money than I paid for my subscription.