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Actionable trade ideas combining trend following and momentum strategies with disciplined risk management and position sizing.


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About Jon Boorman

I'm a Portfolio Manager at Broadsword Capital, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor in Charlotte, NC. I manage a long-only absolute momentum strategy on US stocks via separately managed accounts. I have over 25 years experience in global markets,...

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Few things in life can match that feeling of "home-sweet-home". Thanks Jon. :) . {-_- } .

I like how he approaches the market, I like his consistency, I like the detail he gives on his process. If I had to setup a blind trust, he would be my first call.

I have been using various subscription services for years to supplement my own ideas and learning. This service is by far, the best one that I have used. Very sound risk management while also allowing winners to run. Messages are responded to promptly. A lot of profit and knowledge to be gained here.

I have been a member only for a couple of weeks, so not a lot of basis to evaluate. I do like the approach to risk management and trend following as it suits my preferences more closely and does not require me to be in front of the computer all day. I have followed Jon on twitter for much longer and appreciate his candor and dry humor in discussing the markets.

I've been following Jon's blog for a few years now, the service he has here is much better than i even expected, he leaves frequent updates and has a spreadsheet explaining exactly how he would add positions as a new subscriber, and has very clear and detailed posts which has helped immensely. He provides great way to trade through a proven strategy which is based on closing prices and very easy to follow entry and exit rules.

I have followed Jon on ST for a while and am a new subscriber. Alpha Capture is a excellently run service. Jon relays information in a simple and accessible way for all to understand. A true gentlemen and humble professional this service has taught me so much already and has made my trading all that much better. Jon sends out updates in the morning and generally throughout the day as well as weekend wrap ups. HIGHLY RECOMMED. Thanks Jon! Appreciate all your hard work.

Everything is good about this service, except performance. Lost about 17% capital in 2 years. The 3 star rating is based on performance over the last 2 years (March 2015 to March 2017).

I've followed Jon at his Alpha Capture blog since February 2013 and have subscribed to his Marketfy product since November 2014. Without question Jon is a true pro and knows his stuff. His system is grounded in rational, time-tested trend-following and risk-management principles. Jon does a good job of keeping in touch with subscribers with his updates. I'm also glad to see someone who knows how important proper position sizing is within a risk management framework. If you're looking to get rich quick with lots of action, activity and excitement Alpha Capture isn't for you. But if you are looking to make money via a sound risk-managed approach you'll want to give Alpha Capture a chance.

Website is clean and easy to navigate. Information is transparent and educational. And he, we, are out performing the s and p.

I have followed Jon on his blog from the beginning in 2013. I found it excellent. I held back on signing up for Premium content until Jan 2015. I am delighted I did. I find his daily update to be very good, the entry/exit signals are superb. The Position sizing table has been a great help to me and the Portfolio page is clear and concise. I have learned a great deal ,especially about shutting out distractions .

Useful commentary, consistent with what i'd expect from my years following the blog

Some time ago I wrote that more frequent comments by Jon would be very useful. At the time we would only hear from him during the weekend and whenever there was an entry or exit in the portfolio. I am very glad to see that now we are getting his comments almost every day and sometimes more than once a day. I think those comments help us to keep things in perspective and to have a clearer view of how market moves are impacting our stocks. This is a welcome addition to the service, especially in these times of high volatility

I have been waiting to find a trading methodology that fits my style and I've finally found it.

Jon does a great job in explaining his process and has multiple stocks to pick from besides the ones in his portfolio.

If you have the discipline to follow Jon's method you will learn 'trend following' and the benefits of the simplicity of his procedure. The three biggest things that I have learned are; the only thing that matters is price, all the chatter is just noise and when you are wrong you're out. One suggestion, would it be possible have a column for Current Stop on the portfolio page. Thanks for the help! JB