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Financial astrologer Karen Starich, technical analyst Jeff Pierce Jr. and options expert Chris Ebert combine astrology and charting to identify emerging trends. Trades involve analyzing future moves through planetary aspects to incorporation and IPO charts, while monitoring technical moves and options to reduce risk


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About Jeff Pierce Jr., Karen Starich, & Chris Ebert

Karen Starich has been using her astrology skills to predict market trends since 2009. She then became a contributing writer on, writing financial astrology articles and trend analysis for gold and silver. Her accuracy for predicting …

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  • How is astrology relevant to a stocks price?

    A stock has a birth chart on the day of the IPO, similar to a natal chart when a person is born.  There are certain characteristic shown in the IPO chart just as there are for a  person at birth.  With astrology it is possible to read the portents of future events through the birth charts of stocks that can help determine future strength or weakness.

  • How would you define your strategy to locate stocks to add to your watchlist?

    Typically Jeff runs a number of momentum scans searching for stocks that are breaking out of a long term downtrend due to some sort of catalyst (news, product release, etc). Karen then runs the astrology to see if this stock has positive aspects in the chart suggesting this is the start of a longer uptrend.

  • How many stocks do you typically cover each week?

    Our portfolio at any given time numbers between 8-10 stocks that we are actively covering with another 5-10 that we keep an eye on to see if they'll see up for a trade.

  • Do you offer real time buy alerts?

    Most of the time our trades are real time trade alerts unless otherwise stated to just buy at open on Monday. 

  • What day does your newsletter go out?

    Every Sunday typically between 5-9 EST.

  • How to you enter your positions?

    Most times we scale in 1/3, 1/3, and a final 1/3 to complete a position. We do this because stocks we cover often have explosive moves and we want to establish a position, but want to leave room to avg down in the event it goes against us initially. When we exit we often sell it all at once.

  • Do you have a track record that pre-dates your Marketfy track record?

    We have a 2+ year track record with Astrology Traders on  We did not have a third party to verify our trades which is why we joined Marketfy, however they are all documented in our weekly updates.

  • Is your strategy a long-only strategy or will you go short at some point?

    We do provide short setups when the astrology/technical combination is strong.  We have been in a very strong uptrend so we have not offered short setups lately. We continue to find new strategies to profit from market trends by blending the astrology and technical analysis.

  • Do you have risk and return objectives for your strategy?

    Our risk strategy fluctuates based on the astrology.

    Our strategy has been very profitable and simple without the need for hedging.  We have some subscribers who work at hedge funds, the majority are retail and find our service valuable to their portfolio management.

    Our objective is to be the best possible traders that we can be and provide the best possible trade ideas market analysis that we can.