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Financial astrologer Karen Starich, technical analyst Jeff Pierce Jr. and options expert Chris Ebert combine astrology and charting to identify emerging trends. Trades involve analyzing future moves through planetary aspects to incorporation and IPO charts, while monitoring technical moves and options to reduce risk


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About Jeff Pierce Jr., Karen Starich, & Chris Ebert

Karen Starich has been using her astrology skills to predict market trends since 2009. She then became a contributing writer on, writing financial astrology articles and trend analysis for gold and silver. Her accuracy for predicting …

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Timely, accurate, clear.

Having 3 different perspectives is a great way to approach this.

Later Later

Fantastic insight and predictions into the equities market with a personal touch. Would recommend this to anyone that wants an alternative approach with an edge to picking stocks.

Astrology Traders give a unique view on how the markets are reacting and what to look for in the near future. I have been a subscriber for about a year and cancelled. Why? because being a new trader that advice has gone from specific advice on ce. rtain stocks (buy & sell) to now mainly options. Since I know nothing about options I feel this service is not as much value to me. If I knew how to trader thru options this service would be great. Anyway looking at the stock market thru astrology seems to be in tune to the girations of the market. I did another $1 offer but I need to learn at least the basics of options to make this worthwhile before I would subscribe again.