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I am from Main Street not from Wall street yet i have specialize in rate on credit spreads. Prior to trading full time I climbed the ranks of the corporate finance world. Then in 2000, I branched out with an internet venture as CFO/COO. The ventu...

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I've been working with Nick for several months now and have learned so much. I am also making money and have learned when to sell positions. I follow the chat room daily and there is great interaction between members with a variety of skills and knowledge. Nick answers everyone's questions promptly and when you message he almost always replies immediately. I'm sold! I will stick with a winner!

Recently joined and so glad I did. Nicolas actually engages with his customers and doesn't treat them like they are idiots. No question is stupid. I recently made an options trade in PCLN based on Nicolas and community input. Was up 107% in hours.

Just wanted to thank NIc, I put two credit put spreads on per his recommendation Wed and took them off today with nice profits on both. I made 7.5% and 4.5% on the trades in two days. This is a regular occurrence with Nic, he has a very good sense of the market. He is also the hardest working Trade room monitor I have found.

I joint Create Income with Options Spreads program a week ago. I had some very interesting trading experiences in this program. For example, on 9/24/14, market was up, and NDX was up from 4051 to 4094. Nic suggested Iron Condor position on weekly NDX141003 C4175/4180 - P3940/3935. Ideally, NDX could close between 3940 and 4175 on Next Friday 10/03/14. I took the Iron Condor position for $0.82/contract credit. On 9/25/14, market turned south sharply, NDX dropped from 4094 to 4007 (2.16%). I was afraid of that if another 70 point drop, I would lose big. I asked Nic what I could do. Nic commented "closing the leg that is in danger (3940/3935) would mean that the whole iron condor would have been a break even. SO if in doubt then I always close it. So closing the lower leg tomorrow would not be the end of the world. BUT i want to first see how the morning goes. Also the same day i posted the idea, I said that I was waiting before taking the lower end (3940/3935) because I wasn't too scared of being short in this environment. this is a message that i repeat almost in every write up." On 9/26/14, the market bounced back. NDK was up from 4007 to 4054 (1.17%). I closed the lower credit spread in the afternoon, and made $235. Although the NDK may not drop to 3940 in next week, the possibility is increased under the market sentiment, and the 84 point drop on 9/25/14. It is definitely safe to close the position. I was lucky that I closed the position with a small gain, which is enough to cover 3 month membership. I look forward to more winning experiences from this program.

My first day and it was nice to read the blog. Do have some questions but no time right now will ask later.There is a window on the lower right of the screen saying Live Chat I do not know what the three signs ^ cross and arrow mean.

This is really good service for starters as well as advanced traders. Nic is very good at explaining market and particular tickers. Nic’s morning notes are very helpful to get you ready for market movement. It’s worth to give a shot and see if you like it. I joined 3/4 months ago and so far I have liked it. Happy Trading.

"just a wee bit more"

Thank you very much.

Timely, accurate and extremely informative analysis and trade recommendations, with pre-open analysis, updates throughout the date, and detailed post-closing summaries. Nic gets my highest rating.

As a recent subscriber to Nicolas Chahine alerts and education, I am impressed! He shares his vast insight and knowledge so openly. He keeps it short and to the point. He is accurate. He encourages questions and most importantly, knows when to close a trade and shares this information with his subscribers. I feel fortunate to be a subscriber.

just started .nic is nice,kind,makes its simple. answers all questions .looks gr8. bought 3 trading days ago .sold today .made my first $375 today

Can't say enough great things about nic and his service. This is a message I recently sent: "You just make us so much $$. Markets red we are green. Markets green we are green. You are on fire nic." Just listen, follow, learn. Chip away with wins and watch your P/L soar. Thanks nic.

I am no longer a subscriber. It felt like information overflow and just not enough time during my day to catch up.

The service that Nic offers is top class, he's engaged with the trader on a daily basis and he's available anytime you need him in my experience anyway. He's hands on very professional and knows what he's talking about, and takes the trading VERY seriously, always with a backup plan. Having said all that, YOU the trader need to know what you are doing and do your homework. This is not a hand holding start from scratch service, although Nic will answer any question you have. but you can't expect him to teach you years of trading in a week. You're going to have to learn which is what i'm doing right now....As soon as I am, in command of the subject, you can be sure i'll be back, because his picks are mostly winners. 4 stars because of my expectations really. Nic gets 5.

I like the service Nic provides; hecares about his clients, and there are plenty of trade alerts. However, the Marketfy website itself is hard to navigate, and Notification settings are awkward.