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About Nicolas Chahine

I am from Main Street not from Wall street yet i have specialize in rate on credit spreads. Prior to trading full time I climbed the ranks of the corporate finance world. Then in 2000, I branched out with an internet venture as CFO/COO. The ventu...

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This is really a fantastic service. Nic has insight on the market that you can't get anywhere else. He is always available if you have a question. Very much enjoy this service!

Nic Chahine is an expert at spread trading and a great instructor. He is dedicated to helping his students learn his craft. I made money on all of his trades that I took.

I have used Nic's service for several months and it has increased both my trading confidence and results. This past week, I had an SPX iron condor expire for $2100 and a GOOG credit put spread also expire for $450 - both great returns on risk. So far, not a single loser - although I am prepared to manage those situations when they occur. Nic's astute commentary and assistance are one of the keys to success for me.

Nicolas seems to know what he is doing. I have taken is income trades recently and I am generating income thanks to his picks. I like the way he keeps it all so simple. Thanks Nicolas for delivering what you promise.

Nic's service is great! I have come a long way from knowing absolutely nothing about credit and debit spreads to making some decent trades. He is extremely prompt and helpful in answering all questions and doesn't make a person feel foolish for asking. Continued exposure to his videos, blog, e-mails etc. along with effort on a subscriber's part WILL pay off! Thanks Nic! I would highly recc

This is a great service for learning credit and debit spreads. Nic is very hands on and easy to get in touch when you have a question or you are in need of some help with a personal trade. For $75 in most cases you should easily be able to cover the cost with the knowledge gained. I have only been a member for a couple months, but so far very pleased.

First time I've clicked on this. Greatly appreciated. I have a note on my office cabinet that reads: Market Fly Nicolas Chahine GOOD !

Thank you for the video demonstration re the Yahoo straddle. I now know what a straddle is and know how to do one with confidence. Options can be complicated, but it sure feels good when get it and I got it !!!!!! Your Straddle presentation was awesome!!!! Trader58

I've been with Nicolas for a couple of years now and his service never ceases to amaze me. Nic gives excellent trade recommendations for short or long term. What's awesome with his service, he will answer all questions from the group or individually during and after market hours, publicly or in private without the wait. You will not find a better service. I am up 20% so far this year with Nic's recommendations. I'm staying!

One of the best service I have received till now. Most important for me is it feel like Nic is always there for us to guide and educate me. unbelievable promptness of his response whenever I ask any question. He is one of us and with us and he is the best.

I am very much enjoying Nic's guidance, perspectives and instruction. He encourages questions and communications from the group which broadens our knowledge and understanding. He also has a no nonsense style and approach which I very much appreciate. I have become much more consciously competent in my options decision making AND more profitable since joining Nic Chahine's group.

Timely, accurate and extremely informative analysis and trade recommendations, with pre-open analysis, updates throughout the date, and detailed post-closing summaries. Nic gets my highest rating.

Things are looking bright based on Nic's recommendations! I appreciate that he supplies the rationale for opening AND closing trades!

Great service, I would recommend this service if you are new to option trading or even an experienced trader. Nic has great insight into trades that reduce risk and give you a great chance at beating the market short and long term. He also answers questions very quickly and i love that he uses charting to determine good entry spots, resistance or support levels and it isnt overly technical, he makes his videos very easy to understand. I've learned a great deal and again would recommend this to anyone that wants an edge.

Thanks for providing a plan for taking small profits and avoiding large loses. I have had the opportunity of doing just the opposite in the pastl