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Among other things I am a humble self taught FULL TIME stock picking maven who brings a purely passionate scientific approach to investing. I hold a Masters degree in Chemistry. I was born in Kenya and have lived in the USA since the mid nineties. …

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Muathe is a no-nonsense analyst who explains and provides basis for his stock pick convictions. I followed Muathe for a few months before subscribing. I have now subscribed for about 18 months and I plan to be a long term subscriber. The cost of his subscription is Des-Minimis when you calculate your returns down the road.

You will learn a lot about reading chart, analyzing and identifying trends. Eric Muathe's methods and teachings has greatly helped me when choosing my own investments and as a plus he also does a lot of work for his subscribers with weekly investment picks and strategies.

I joined the Educational Trader on August 19th, three days after it became available. I have subscribed to Eric Muathe's online service since July 2013, so I knew I had to get on board his latest venture. I wanted to short Gold using DUST. I questioned Eric about this and to quote him, he said "As long as GLD is not above this month’s GLD intraday high and BZQ holds above 94ish then DUST is still in play. The ETF is very volatile so watch it closely with a stop." Following Eric's advice I'm up 20.7 % in 10 days of trading DUST, (purchased August 20th @ 22.73), with stops set in place. Needless to say, I will continue to track / follow his personal portfolio. Kurt Guerin

Date: September 1, 2013 From: Ron Carson To: / Marketfy Inc. Subject: Review I am 65 years young, a retired General Electric Appliance Field Technician who was always selected to attend pilot training seminars related to my profession. The reason I was always selected is because I would always give honest written reviews to my employer as to what I thought of the seminars and what value they had to offer if any. It would be virtually impossible for me to give a review of Eric Muathe's performance with Marketfy since I only signed up 2 weeks ago or ten working days ago and during this time I have been slowly converting my positions to match Eric's portfolio. With the exception of 2 positions which have been down since I signed on, I am glad to report the following: 1. My two Scottrade accounts that total about 120K have earned enough these past two weeks to pay the Marketfy annual fees about 7 times, about 9 times had I not entered these two additional positions. 2. I researched the 5 long positions that I sold while making this transition and had I not joined Marketfy, I have calculated that my accounts would be down about $2,300.00 While I am discussing the bottom line, I would like to mention a stat that every beginning or experience investor should digest. 93% of all new investors who enter the stock market with a newly acquired principal or capital, "inheritance or savings", loose everything in 6 months or less. These results were derived from studies in Europe, Asia and the U.S. Four years ago I witnessed a church lady friend of mine who inherited $110,000.00 when her father died. On the advice of a goof family friend she invested in a new IPO that went down the drain to nothing in 3 1/2 months. She lost it all. For Eric Muathe to join up with Marketfy enabling his prescribed Marketfy members to view and monitor his stock portfolio can only be perceived as his effort to enhance, expand and offer more investment options to his members. I have always enjoyed Eric's pragmatic outlook on his market updates and stocks to watch, "He calls the market and stocks by what he see's, not by what he wants to see", and for an annual fee that amounts to about $1.25 per day, I am in with both feet. Good Luck

I thank Eric is the real deal and now with actually seeing his actual trades buys and sells will just prove it.