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Plan your Trade, to Trade-the-Trend, with TradingFibz - Through chat room/screenshare, video recaps, trade alerts and much more, learn what it takes to become a serious trader and keep profits in your pocket.


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About David Katz

Greetings. My name is David, founder of TradingFibz, LLC. An educator first, I understand the patience and time it takes to learn anything new. As an inspiring investor years ago, I realized that if I wanted to learn what it took to be an inves...

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  • Does your trading strategy apply to other markets?

    Absolutely! While I primarily trade the future indices, the template can easily be replicated on the corresponding ETF's or any other future or stock.

  • When can I expect to go "live" with the strategy?

    As for any new or seasoned trader, I recommend that you sim trade the strategy until you feel confident that you are profitable. Too often I have seen traders see a method one day, and the next day they are live and losing their britches. There are days in the market where you will lose money. As long as you have a stop in place, that risk will be minimized.

  • What trading platform/broker do you recommend?

    For charts, I primarily use Thinkorswim and my template will be available to you as a member. For your live account I recommend Infinity Futures @

  • How can day trading be profitable?

    Simply put - NEW DAY; FRESH START (Yes Ben!). Seeking the momentum of the market is reset each day and finding that pocket can be very profitable when the unknown can happen in after hours, lower volume swing trading. 

  • Does TradingFibz,LLC recommend long term positions?

    While the strategy may be used on a daily chart, TradingFibz primarily seeks entries and exits on intraday charts. Members may consult on existing technical setups and make informed decisions with that information. For fundamentals and value based investing, TradingFibz recommends Jason Kelly as a source for more information and strategies.

  • Are you a Trading Guru?

    There are days when I feel that but no cable channels calling me yet. When my stats are beating the numbers posted on this page:, I would be happy to have a parking spot with my name on it. Sad part is that how the masses follow so many of the lower ranking numbers. You have chosen the right place to be here at Marketfy and the TradingFibz home page.

  • Why do you trade primarily the futures?

    In an information age, where we can be overwhelmed by numbers, what sense can I make when I can't open a door to a company and walk in to see the "books" and make a financial investment decision. What I can understand is if the orange juice crop is to suffer this year based on the weather report and supply and demand. Besides economic data, the news feed is shut off, I simply trade the charts in front of me. I don't have a crystal ball, so I can't tell you what will happen the next morning in the market. As Ben states, New Day, Fresh start - that's the beauty of the futures market. Proft made or profit loss, it's all contained in a 390 minute period. 

  • What is your trading history?

    In the beginning it was all about the IBD newspaper and following over 30 commodities. I too was searching for the holy grail of trading and eventually found myself a mentor who under his expertise, taught me the use of Fibonacci patterns in the market. Here is where I learned to remove emotion from my trading and started to become profitable. As a swing trader, I was looking for something as well on a daily basis and turned to the index funds. Here is where I learned to apply several of the combined strategies that I learned over the years and now consider myself to be a patient and disciplined trader with profit. I don't claim to be a world renowned contributor to any cable channel. I haven't worked at any major Hedge Fund house. I don't even have a column in a local newspaper or major website.I am a crumb trader who has a solid trading plan. I plan my trades. I trade my plan.

  • What is the benefit of the live trading room?

    Being able to implement theory into practical kinesthetic and visual image of the the market in real time accelerates the learning curve. Callouts of when and what factors would put me in a trade versus keeping me out based on market conditions that could never be replicated in a book. The addition of like minded traders and the camaraderie of trading to both contribute and receive from those in the trading room.