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Trade The Ratings reads between the lines to find weekly profits by analyzing and back testing the rating updates issued by large institutions. There’s more to the story than meets the eye. “Trade The Ratings” spells out that story and finds profits on a weekly basis.

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About Ilir Shkurti

Ilir Shkurti joined Benzinga in November 2011 as an analyst with over 7 years of capital markets experience. He holds MBA and MSF degrees and is a CFA candidate. Ilir believes in letting the data set guide one’s mindset, and this has applied to ...

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Trade the Ratings is an excellent product. Ilir is a great coach for the team. He doesn't pretend to hit grand slams every time but if you are looking for a product that helps you hit singles and doubles consistently, this is for you! And yes, every once in a while he does hit a big home run.

Trade the Ratings is one of my favorite products because of the community that Ilir attracts. Passionate members create for an awesome trading experience while Ilir feeds us with trade opportunities from his research on upgrades, downgrades, analyst color and newly initiated ratings.

One of the best investment bank research products I have ever paid for. I usually HATE how noisy these products are. But Ilir cuts through the muck and shows me whats important to trade on. Spot on. BIG FAN of the chat too!

Ilir your research pre-market is legit. I don't follow most of your picks but the research from banks that you help translate for me really helps. Thanks boss.

Trade The Ratings is exactly the type of service I've been looking for. Ilir Shkurti is personable, knowledgeable & helpful. Each trade is explained from start to exit. Questions are answered on the Blog. Not only is this ideal...... I make money with this service also! In short.... you can't go wrong here.