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Everything you need to learn the Zero Sum Trading Strategy. A nightly watch-list, blog posts, frequent trade ideas, chatroom access and a tracked portfolio with trade alerts are included in the Gold Package.


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About Roberto Pedone

Roberto Pedone, based out of Delafield, Wis., is an independent trader who focuses on technical analysis for small- and mid-cap stocks, large caps, options and commodities. Roberto studied international business at the Milwaukee School of Engineerin…

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Traded 2 stocks during my trial, both profitable, satisfied.

Excellent so far. Keep up the great calls.

Extremely volatile, highly concentrated stop-loss strategy in place...only 18 to 20% of total portfolio/cash is invested in 1 to 3 penny stocks at any given time....appx 80% of portfolio remains in cash all year round....not for novice education provided....please stay away. Highly speculative in nature. Lacks loss-control discipline.

When the service started, there was a high volume of trades that were in general, good moves. When people see RP putting his $ behind moves, it ensures the confidence versus just putting a watchlist out. He said he would be sharing options strategies and other training videos that we haven't seen.

Excellent service! I did very well quickly. Easily worth the investment. Roberto is well organized and easy to understand, even for rookies. The chat is very helpful as well. Money well spent, thanks RP!

Good stuff! Waiting for those educational videos so you can teach me to fish. Thanks!

Absolutely love this service after 2 weeks. Roberto is has been very helpful for a beginner trader. Also, the chat board is definitely my favourite feature.

Made $2500 in my first month of being a trader. Biotech chart specialist. Follow the money.

This product will pay for itself very quickly. Robert Pedone is excellent at what he does. I'm grateful to be involved

Love it so far...I have purchased 4 stocks based on your purchases....sold one for a nice profit....and watching closely all day for more ideas!!

Guy's extremely dedicated to helping people up their TA game. He's very accessable in chat to discuss individual set-ups and always explains his trades. Highly reccommend.

As a newcomer to trading, zero sum really helps me understand charts and trading. I've just recently subscribed and am 100% happy with the education and tips. I'm a big fan of the chat room as well, lots of good ideas for trading.

The greatest value of this service for me so far has been the educational part. That alone is worth every penny, not to mention Roberto's professional experience in managing risk and trading stocks which is reflected in his portfolio performance. As for Roberto himself, he is very patient in answering even the most basic questions I asked as a novice/wannabe stock trader. He is a really cool guy, even if he's not Italian.

This service is excellent. Roberto is very talented at hacking charts and explaining the technical analysis as well as why stocks may behave as they do from a tech perspective. He's also knowledgeable of key aspects underlying stocks. The chat room is great and the Watch List videos are excellent. With respect to results, I've seen 9% gain in my portfolio in only 2 weeks - in a very volatile market. Very impressive!

Roberto is great at explaining technical analysis (chart hacking) in his videos and has a great understanding of what drives the patterns of a chart while having a gift of anticipating stocks that will "break out" and make you money. If you want to learn the ropes, I would recommend RP if you want to be successful. Even experienced traders can learn from Roberto and we form a group of subscribers that share info. and ideas that will make you a better trader and make you money.