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Everything you need to learn the Zero Sum Trading Strategy. A nightly watch-list, blog posts, frequent trade ideas, chatroom access and a tracked portfolio with trade alerts are included in the Gold Package.


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About Roberto Pedone

Roberto Pedone, based out of Delafield, Wis., is an independent trader who focuses on technical analysis for small- and mid-cap stocks, large caps, options and commodities. Roberto studied international business at the Milwaukee School of Engineerin…

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good service

Very professional and thorough. Always ready to help and answer questions. Great Service.

Weekly chart setups are great, but KNOWING why they are great is a game changer. Roberto provides education for traders at every level and as a beginner I was able to learn more than I could have imagined thanks to his teaching methods. Roberto's charts will make you money, but his education is priceless!

best trading services i ever seen

Really strong service so far. Always great watchlists and he is always answering questions. Great place to learn!

Amazing technical insight ! Looking forward to years of ZeroSum's helpful input.

I have learned so much in a very little time.

very good

Amazing. Roberto Pedone actually takes the time to try and educate his subscribers. This subscription is the best investment i've ever made, paid for itself in a week.

Great service. The best

Zero sum trading has helped my trading in so many ways. The education alone is worth the price of admission. Roberto not only gives excellent plays but he helps us in the chat room understand the technicals behind each trade. I have been a member since day one and have no intentions of ever unsubscribing. I highly recommend this service.

Roberto is extremely helpful, my trading has improved so much in only a few months. His watchlists are great, so many stocks picked have run. He has started doing Video Watchlists which have helped me to understand the charts! They are convenient to revisit for the new trading week ahead. I'm extremely happy with the service and highly recommend Roberto.

This is a great service. Lots of training, coaching and finding people who don't have much time watching the market find all the good trades. Love it so far

I've been subscribing for a about a week now, and my initial impression is this is a fantastic service. Roberto knows his stuff and explains the why of his picks and teaches you how to read the charts and what to look for. Paid for itself the first day!

Best decision I've ever made thanks Roberto