Darrell Martin

Professional Trader

Darrell Martin coined the phrase "Diagnostic Trading." He defines "Diagnostic Trading" as looking at how fundamental, technical, statistical, and seasonal traders look at the market and then using that knowledge to help more accurately establish a trading plan. Darrell is the the host of his daily radio show "The Diagnostic Trading Hour" and a cohost of the "Bull/Bear Binary Hour" with Steve Rhodes and Tommy O'Brien. He also conducts webinar and live training courses on futures, forex, options, equities, Nadex binaries and Nadex Spreads. He is an official educational partner of the Nadex CFTC regulated exchange in Chicago.

His trading doctrine relies on research-based quantitative trading methods and forward thinking. Mr. Martin has designed multiple algorithm based trades such as forex triangular arbitrage, futures-forex carry and reverse carry arbitrage, international commodity-forex arbitrage, forex-option box arbitrage, stock option and forex option gamma scalping.

He has also designed unique patterns, indicators, strategies, and bar types for investing and trading including:

*Diagnostic Deviation levels. They do not focus on past prices like Standard Deviation, ATR, Pivot Points and Fib levels. Rather they use which use the underlying markets options implied volatility (expected movement) to define how far the markets as a whole says the market will on any given day with incredible accuracy. His diagnostic deviation levels are great for profit targets, trailing stops, reversals, and more.

*The A.P.E.X. Diagnostic Pattern which he applies to all markets to define precise entry points, stop losses, and take profits to the cent/pip/tick. He has also designed a APEX hot market scanner to help him easily monitor multiple markets for trading opportunities using this simple pattern.

*The Diagnostic Trend line helping him easily verify a trend. The Diagnostic Choppy Market Warning indicator that uses the securities underlying options implied volatility to forecast a choppy market in advance.

*The Diagnostic Velocity Indicator helping him determine the speed at which a market is moving.

*A unique tick bar, called Diagnostic Bars, which filters out all the market noise and clearly defines trends and reversals easily setting itself apart from all range and time based bars.

*Diagnostic Nadex Bull/Bear Box Spread analyzer which feeds live market data and does all the math instantly to easily find the best spread to trade on Nadex in seconds.

He is also the designer of the Apex Profit Popper and Apex Trend Catcher Strategy which he has partially automated to incorporate the above trading tools he uses on a daily basis.

He was recently featured in futures magazine as a recognized binary trader and discusses his 5 favorite binary strategies.