The Crypto Group

Joel Elconin:

Joel is co-host of Benzinga’s PreMarket Prep Show and a financial journalist for His introduction to trading was in the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index futures pit at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. During his time at the CME, he was involved in Index Arbitrage as well as trading foreign currency futures and options. From 1994-1999, he was a proprietary trader for Olde Discount Corporation. Following his tenure at Olde Discount, he founded the Detroit office of Bright Trading, LLC. Since 2003, Joel has been an independent trader researching and developing proprietary indicators and trading systems for the equities and futures markets.

Jeff Goldman:

Jeff Goldman has had an extensive trading career. After graduating with an MBA from Michigan State University in 1989, Jeff spent two years on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. In 1991, Jeff switched his focus to equities and spent the next 7 years at Olde Discount Brokerage, starting as an assistant trader, and eventually working his way up to Assistant Vice President Of Listed Trading. From 1998 - 2006, Jeff traded for Knight Trading and Southwest Securities. In 2006, Jeff co-founded JC Trading Group. Jeff has been involved in the crypto space since early 2015.

Jeff is the author of “Failed Traders: The 20 Common Mistakes Committed By Over 1000 Losing Traders” (Amazon: It is frequently near the top of the Amazon Best Seller List in the “Stock” category.

Additional Writings And Projects

Featured in the highly rated book "Traders of the New Era: Interviews with a Select Group of Day and Swing Traders Who are Still Beating the Markets in the Era of High Frequency Trading and Flash Crashes" By Fernando Oliveira.

Recently quoted in CFA Institute Magazine articles: "Frequency Jamming: Can Investors Outsmart High-Frequency Traders?" as well as "Short It and Forget It: The Trading Mechanics of Shorting Can be Costly"

Contributing Author at Link:

Tradestation Open Platform Developer: Developed, designed, and coded The Intraday Pair Trading System (The IPTS)

Greg Van:

Greg Van has had an extensive trading career. After graduating from Lake Superior State University with a degree in Finance/Economics in 1994, Greg started his career at Olde Discount Brokerage. Greg quickly worked into a management role overseeing a nationwide fixed income sales training program for new brokers. In 1996, Greg changed roles made a fresh start on the Nasdaq equity trading desk. Greg was part of a pilot proprietary trading program designed to have traders trade original proprietary ideas versus trading retail order flow. In 1998, Greg moved to Chicago to help start a new prop trading desk for Penson Financial Services (later SamCo) working his way to Vice President of Trading. In 2002, Greg spent the next two years with May Financial services. Greg has been trading his own account (equities, commodities, futures, options, and cryptos) since 2004 relying on technical analysis for trade setups.