Excerpts from late Sunday night research

  • Stocks peaked out this week right at the 2,718.50 level noted in Wednesday’s update. Since then, the sellers have been in control. For them to stay in control, though, we would need to see a close below 2,659.25. If not short already, I’d be looking to short ES futures near 2,684.50 with stops on a daily close above that level and with a target of 2,474.

  • US Treasury Futures have been pummeled over the last two weeks.No surprise here.They’re a bit oversold right now and could bounce, but there’s more downside still to come for bond prices. I would look to sell / short TY futures on a bounce up to 120’05 with stops on a daily close above 120’20 and with a target of 116’25.

  • Weekly US Jobless Claims Data Averages:

Last week’s claims #:232,000

4-Week Average of Claims: 230,500

Prior Week’s 4-Week Average: 229,000

13-Week Average of Claims: 226,538

Prior Week’s 13-Week Average:226,462

Comments:Weekly claims came in slightly lower at 232,000 in Thursday’s number.That number forced the 4-week and 13-week averages higher together for a second week in a row.For the 4-week avg to rise again next week, we would need to see the weekly number come in at or above 215,000.

  • NDX has pulled back, but hasn’t shed its recent bullish tone completely.A daily close below 6,490 would turn the tide, though. No edge here.Buyers can try entering at 6,490.25 with stops below 6,485 and with an upside target of 7,022.

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Coverage of the following markets included this week:

  • S&P e-Minis
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Soybean Meal
  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Soybeans

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Latest technical read on the futures markets just out!!!

We just put out our weekly read of the global futures markets via The Fintec Factor. Covered this week: stocks, gold, crude oil, coffee, sugar, soybean meal, wheat, corn and soybeans. Click here to sign up for a trial: https://marketfy.com/item/sea-changes-global-marke...

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Latest technical report on global markets just out!!!

Covered in this week's report: stocks; gold; Treasuries; coffee; sugar; soybean meal; wheat; corn; and, soybeans. Check out our service at https://marketfy.com/item/sea-changes-global-marke...

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Weekly look at the global futures markets just out....

I just released my weekly look at the futures markets - with important updates given Irma's arrival. Covered: stocks, gold, copper, crude oil, coffee, sugar, soybean meal, wheat, corn and soybeans.

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Just released - The Value Technician's List for September

Subscribe to Direction First service today for The Value Technican's List: https://marketfy.com/item/sea-changes-global-marke...This month: 11 stocks with these avgs: Yield 2.55%; PS 1.79; PB 1.79; PE 14.67; CR 3.18; DE 46.92%; ROE 11.37%; 9 sectors.

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Peak Analytics' Direction First Newsletter just released

For a free trial of our Direction First service, visit: https://marketfy.com/item/sea-changes-global-marke. This week, we covered: ES futures - breaking ST resistance and heading to highs; GC futures - tested 1336 target and pulling back - buy dips; CL futures - ...

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The premiere of The Value Technician's List has been released

Check out the most recent newsletter release (on 8/21) for the stats and entry / exit info for each of the stocks on our premiere Value Technician's List:

PEG - Public Service Enterprises
FL - Foot Locker
ETN - Eaton ...
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Crude Oil update - feeling the pain, but seeing the light

Crude oil has gone WAY further than we thought this week - for obvious reasons.

Here's an updated daily chart of crude:

Our wave count was apparently "off" and this bounce in crude has been a painful ride in the ...

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Correction on last UCO trade note....

The 240 minute ceiling should actually be 53.30 - not 53.24.

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Trading lessons from the last 48 hours of nonsense

Here's how I came up with the 51 and 67.5 levels of late-day resistance today:

ExtremesClosesRange of Resistance
50% move6965.75
61.8% move85.581.25
50 % Retracement ...
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Critical global markets technical update for our readers & friends!!


Here are some random observations before we get into today’s analysis:

  • Brexit vote done… out the Brits will go.The realization of that fact is causing uncertainty globally and is forcing the ...
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