Basics By Brochstein - Volume 1

This is series of nine short videos designed to help with novice education. Each video was about 8-12 minutes, with the intention of explaining key concepts in plain English, all with the goal of making you a more informed investor.


  • What is a Stock
  • What is Fundamental Analysis
  • What is Technical Analysis


  • Types of Orders
  • AS, OS and Float
  • Free-Riding
  • Wash-Sales
  • Chart-Terms


  • Different Types of Securities
  • Valuing a Stock
  • Averaging down


  • What is a "Gap"
  • Smart Investing Tip: Watchlists
  • Due Diligence 101


  • Why Diversify
  • How to Rebalance
  • The Silver Linings of Losses


  • Intro to Options
  • What's Your Style?
  • Accounting 101 in 4 Minutes


  • Wash Sales
  • Market Cap & Enterprise Value
  • Some Barriers to Successful Investing


  • Dilution
  • Splits & Reverse Splits
  • Ways Companies Go Public


  • Due Diligence Definition
  • Basic DD tools
  • DD example (INFX) - can't make this stuff up!

Remember, we have some great info posted here too:

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Interview with Paul Enright, CEO of United Cannabis (CNAB)

United Cannabis (CNAB) is a recent reverse-merger, formerly known as MySkin. The company has a relationship with Colorado-based dispensary RiverRock that will allow it to expand the brand and the intellectual property. The most recent share-structure was conveyed on April ...

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Interview with Ebbu CEO Dooma Wendschuh by 420 Investor (Public Version)

I spoke with Dooma Wendschuh last week, and he is a member here at 420 Investor (through our complimentary Corporate Access program). I asked if "ebbu" has any signficance, and it doesn't. The company is taking a very scientific approach ...

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A Look At 2014's Leading Cannabis Stocks (Part 1)

Even though cannabis-sector stocks have dropped more than 50 percent since the March peak, the Benzinga 420 Marijuana Index is still up 244 percent YTD.

The burst at the beginning of the year came after widespread media coverage of Colorado's recreational ...

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The Daily Dab: A Quick Hit On Cannabis Stocks 04/21/14

Typepad, where the Daily Dab is hosted, is down due to a denial of service attack.  I am going to publish this here today...

Denver, CO

Cannabis stocks paused after two days of sharp gains, with 42% of the ...

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Who are 420 Investors?

This is the second survey of 420 Investor subscribers.  The results of the first one were based on 222 responses in late January (out of 419 members at the time), and we had 327 this time (out of approximately 1250 ...

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Abattis Bioceuticals (ATTBF) Webinar with CEO Mike Withrow - Slides (03/11/14)

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Guest Post - Who Needs a License? Recreational Marijuana Industry in Seattle Already Selling

Courtesy of John Tommervik at Joint Industries...


Who Needs a License? Recreational Marijuana Industry in Seattle Already Selling

seattle marijuana delivery

Washington State just issued its’ first legal marijuana business license yesterday. While this news creates a monumental date in ...

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Guest Blog - Enertopia (ENRT)

I want to welcome Matt Finston, who is sharing his views on Enertopia (ENRT).  I encourage anyone who has information to share that the community will value to do so.  Please remember, though, that 420 Investor's publishing a guest blog ...

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A Look at the Colorado MJ Market (Guest Blog)

GreenRushColorado takes a look at CO...

Why The Marijuana Market will Crush Estimates

In Colorado legal Marijuana is off and running in 2014 and the recreational market is bringing in huge revenues from an extremely small number of shops. Recreational ...

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BreedIT (BRDT) Slides - 02/26/14

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AVTC Files $100mm Libel Suit Against Seeking Alpha Contributor Alan Brochstein

I received notification today of a $100mm lawsuit filed in Riverside County, CA by AVT, Inc (AVTC).  The case number is RIC 1314161.  The lawsuit can be accessed here.

For anyone interested, here is the article that I wrote ...

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