Calithera Biosciences

Healthcare  |  Biotechnology
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Stock Price | Oct. 18, 2019, 4 p.m.
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Ask: 0.0
Prev. Close: 2.71
52 Week Low: 2.45
52 Week High: 6.9
PE Ratio: 0.0
Dividend Yield: 0.0%

Company Summary

Calithera Biosciences Inc is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company. The business activity of the firm is functioned through the region of US. It focuses on discovering and developing small molecule drugs directed against tumor and immune cell targets that control key metabolic pathways in the tumor microenvironment. Its lead product candidate is CB-839, an inhibitor of glutaminase for the treatment of solid tumors. Its other product candidate, CB-1158, is being developed for hematology and oncology indications.

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