CME Group

Financial Services  |  Financial Data & Stock Exchanges
160.16 -3.7 -2.26%
Stock Price | Oct. 26, 2020, 4 p.m.
Bid: 0.0
Ask: 0.0
Prev. Close: 163.86
52 Week Low: 131.8
52 Week High: 225.36
PE Ratio: 24.156863
Dividend Yield: 212.0%

Company Summary

Based in Chicago, CME Group operates exchanges that allow investors, suppliers, and businesses to trade futures and derivatives based on interest rates, equity indexes, foreign currencies, energy, metals, and commodities. The CME was founded in 1898 and in 2002 completed its initial public offering. Since then, CME Group has consolidated part of the industry by merging with crosstown rival CBOT Holdings (2007) before acquiring Nymex Holdings in 2008. In addition, CME has a 27% stake in S&P/Dow Jones Indexes LLC along with an exclusive license to trade and clear S&P futures contracts.

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