Cisco Systems

Technology  |  Communication Equipment
37.67 -1.15 -2.96%
Stock Price | Oct. 26, 2020, 4 p.m.
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Prev. Close: 38.82
52 Week Low: 32.4001
52 Week High: 50.28
PE Ratio: 14.704545
Dividend Yield: 371.0%

Company Summary

Cisco Systems, Inc. is the world's largest hardware and software supplier within the networking solutions sector. The infrastructure platforms group includes hardware and software products for switching, routing, data center, and wireless applications. Its applications portfolio contains collaboration, analytics, and Internet of Things products. The security segment contains Cisco's firewall and software-defined security products. Services are Cisco's technical support and advanced services offerings. The company's wide array of hardware is complemented with solutions for software-defined networking, analytics, and intent-based networking. In collaboration with Cisco's initiative on growing software and services, its revenue model is focused on increasing subscriptions and recurring sales.

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