Heat Biologics

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Stock Price | Dec. 13, 2019, 4 p.m.
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Company Summary

Heat Biologics Inc is a US-based immuno-oncology company. It is engaged in developing therapies which activate a patient's immune system against cancer utilizing an engineered form of gp96. The group's T cell-stimulating therapeutic vaccine platform technologies, Immune Pan-Antigen Cytotoxic Therapy (ImPACT) and Combination Pan-Antigen Cytotoxic Therapy (ComPACT), form the basis of its product candidates. Through ImPACT, it developed product candidates consisting of live, genetically-modified, irradiated human cancer cells which secrete tumor-associated antigens together with an immune response stimulator called gp96. Through ComPACT, the firm engineered product candidates that incorporate ligand fusion proteins targeting co-stimulatory receptors into the gp96-Ig expression vector.

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