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FOREX Trading for Maximum Profits

Real-time forex trade alerts, market analysis, and coaching

Fast track your trading with this trade alert service designed to make you profitable as you trade, earn and learn from our entries, stops, targets and complete management delivered directly to you via email or text message.

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FOREX Trading for Maximum Profits by Anka Metcalf

    Who is this program for?

    This program is for  active Forex traders. It is designed to capture short and long term trades without you watching the market 24/7. We do all the work for you. Trading Forex is not easy and we know it, this is why we are bringing you our proven system from which you can learn and earn from. 

    FOREX Trading for Maximum Profits is appropriate for traders from any level of experience, any style, and any background. If you are looking to accelerate on the road to profitability, this community of traders is for you.

    How are Trade Alerts Delivered?

    Trade Alerts will be delivered directly to your inbox and/or sms, whether you may be at home, at work, or traveling. Wherever you are, whatever you may be doing, you will receive unique trading opportunities that you can act on immediately.

    What to expect from your subscription:

    • Trade Alerts come with a complete trading plan of action: laser-sharp entry prices, stop levels, projected targets and guidance delivered via e-mail or text message.
    • Trades alerts are delivered ahead of trigger price so you have time to act and place your orders.
    • 2-4 swing trades each week, depending on the market conditions and economic event.
    • 24/7 Support with any trading related questions.

    Trading Strategy:

    Our strategy is based on technical and fundamental analysis. We select only currency pairs that meet specific criteria, set of rules for high-odds follow-through and risk-reward levels.

What you get with FOREX Trading for Maximum Profits

  • Chat Room

    The chat room provides an active community for members to discuss ideas, trading strategies and get market moving news in real-time. The community is made up of market experts, mavens, and other traders with the same strategies as you. It’s also a great place to get assistance and help.

  • Education

    Learn about the markets in the fastest, most effective way from mavens and other industry experts. Whether you want to learn to trade full time or just generate an extra monthly income, the education will shorten your learning curve and improve your results.

  • Blog Posts

    Receive access to Anka Metcalf's latest blog posts as well as an archive of [his/her] past entries. These blogs will help you keep up with insights on past trades, thought on current market conditions, and will update you on Anka Metcalf's upcoming events and appearances.

  • Live Trading

    Watch, learn, and trade alongside Mavens in Marketfy’s live trading room. Communicate with the Maven via chat, watch every move made through screenshare, and receive realtime trade alerts sent directly to your computer screen.

Latest Activity from FOREX Trading for Maximum Profits

Options and stocks involve substantial risk and are not suitable for all investors. Subscribers are urged to evaluate any strategy prior to use to understand the risks and suitability for their personal investment use. Please read Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options prior to investing in options.

If you engage or plan to engage in auto-trading of any strategy, please refer to All About Auto-Trading.

This portfolio is a sample “paper” portfolio for informational and educational purposes only recommended by Anka Metcalf as representative of FOREX Trading for Maximum Profits and is not tailored to the individual circumstances or investment needs of any subscriber. This portfolio does not represent an actual portfolio held by Anka Metcalf, and the performance of this portfolio is not necessarily the performance experienced by Anka Metcalf with respect to [his/her] securities holdings and trades. Anka Metcalf may have a financial interest in the recommendations [he/she] makes as [he/she] may hold or trade some of the same securities for [him/her]self, family members and [his/her] clients.

It should not be assumed that future recommendations will be profitable or will equal past performance. As with any potential opportunity to earn profits, there is a risk of loss.

Is This Product For You?


  • Trading:
  • Asset Class: Options, ETFs
  • Frequency:


  • Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • $25k in Trading Account


  • Learn to trade Options & ETF effectively.
  • Make that money, honey!

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Trading Style & Goals

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About the Maven

Anka Metcalf

Anka Metcalf has been active in the day trading & investing arena since 2003 . She is an experienced equity, forex and futures day, swing and position trader. Anka is a well-respected technical analyst known for precision in determining market conditions.

Over the years she has created a unique and easy-to-follow trading system based on price support and resistance levels, coordinated with trigger times, chart correlation and a proprietary set of rules that enable her and her traders to be very selective, patient and find high odds trades with ease.

Anka has translated complicated technical analysis patterns into simple, understandable applicable methodology that helps traders succeed in a fraction of the time and become consistently profitable.

She is a contributor to: Active Trader Magazine, Your Trading Edge, SFO, Online Trader Central, Currency Trader, TraderPlanet, Traders Exclusive, Bull Bearings UK, MarketDeal, StockTwits, Benzinga.