Table of Contents:

1) The sell-off in the stock market likely has more room to run.

2) An explanation of what has taken place in the options market this summer.

3) We’ll need more downside follow-through to confirm a correction has begun.

4) The rally since late June was just as “technical/artificial” as last week’s decline. (Actually more so.)

5) Mega-tech is filled with GREAT companies, but many have become too overbought and over-valued.

6) Support levels & price targets for the S&P 500, well as AAPL and TSLA.

7) The dollar should rally for a few weeks.

8) Consumer staples still act well. ADM (not AMD) is close to key resistance.

9) Politics...Voter turnout from two key groups will decide the election.

10) Summary of our current stance.

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Posted to The Maley Report on Sep 06, 2020 — 11:09 AM
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