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About Eric Muathe

Among other things I am a humble self taught FULL TIME stock picking maven who brings a purely passionate scientific approach to investing. I hold a Masters degree in Chemistry. I was born in Kenya and have lived in the USA since the mid nineties. …

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  • Q. How many alerts should I expect each week?

    A. Anywhere from 0 - 3 each week.

  • Q. How are alerts delivered?

    A. An email is sent out to all subscribers once an alert is uploaded to the subscriber section.

  • Q. What comes in the email alert?

    A. Either a link to; an exclusive video with specific stock picks or market / sector analysis or a brief written message. 

  • Q. Are subscriptions set to renew automatically?

    A. Yes. But, remember you can cancel your subscription including any future billing at anytime.

  • Q. What is the average holding period for each stock pick?

    A. Well, it depends, if the stock goes against us then stops should be set 5% to 8% from our purchase price. This triggered stop will dictate how long we hold on to the bad trade. For all positions that don't get stopped out then depending on the magnitude of the gains positions can be exited in a matter of days to multiple months to over a year. This is traditionally referred to as 'Swing Trading'. WE ARE NOT A DAY TRADING SERVICE.

    For winning trades; IF the position is still showing strength then we can take some partial profits along the way. 

  • Does each trade alert come with an explanation?

    Yes! Once a trade alert has been issued a brief HD video is created to explain the rationale for the trade alert. This way you can learn and understand why the trade alert was generated in the first place. The ultimate goal is to empower you to make your own trades based on strong technical understanding of the markets.

  • Do you use a 'fundamental' or 'technical' research approach?

    110% Technical :) 

  • What's the best way to reach Eric?

    The best way to reach Eric is through the "message" system. This alerts me almost immediately so I can promptly answer you back as quickly as possible. Leaving comments in the blog section DOES NOT alert me via email so I may miss your comment/question.