Rod David's Futures Market Timing

The one thing you need to know when trading today… What's next. Specializing in index futures, with ongoing specific actionable levels in Energies, Currencies, Precious Metals and Interest Rates.


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About Rod David

In 1995, I founded one of the original technical analysis web sites. I launched the web’s first free-access technical analysis chat room in 1996. I later became a Contributing Editor at optionMONSTER, to provide intraday timing signals and targets...

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This is an amazing experience watching Rod mark out the key levels in the S&P each day in real time. Two thoughts come to mind as I watch him do his thing. 1) He's smart. Mensa level smart. Brightest kid in the room smart. 2) He's good. Consistently accurate. This guy is a pro. Add to his technical ability his years of experience, sense of humor, enjoyment of teaching, and humble nature and you have a real winner here. Oh, did I mention he's got a great sense of humor? That's the icing on the cake. Remarkable service here. I've learned a ton in the short time I've been using it. I highly recommend it.

Really informative. Helps in asset allocation decisions.

Rod David's levels and If-Then analysis provide a consistently accurate road map that helps me greatly with trade entries and exits, getting me out below flagged levels and keeping me stay in trades that I might leave prematurely.

Top notch as usual. I've know Rod for many years and anytime I want to have a better understanding of where the markets are at and what levels to watch - Rod is an incredible asset to have on your side. No one provide this level or clarity that ensure you know when to lean in and when to be careful with your trading efforts. Thanks, Rod! Still amazing A+++++++

Rods observations and measurements that predict specific levels of influence in the market remain the most valuable I have seen in 15 years of speculating.

Rod is very, very good at what he does.

There is no one better. I've been a subscriber for almost a decade and his yearly service cost pays for itself in my first month each year. He gets my highest recommendation.


If you want to know where the market is going, -- and oftentimes why -- you need to ask Rod David. I've been watching him lay out the market's day for over a decade now, and his accuracy is extremely high. Overlay some trading skill with Rod's road-map, and you can take some money out of this market.