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Stock Technical Trader is your real-time guide to everything stock trading related. Instant trade alerts, live trading chatroom, and educational videos will help you grow your portfolio while you learn to master technical analysis.


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In 1995 I began offering my stock picks based exclusively on my proprietary charting and technical analysis methodologies. By fax. By early 1996 I had migrated exclusively to the web. Delivery methods aren't the only changing environment. Markets ha…

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Basically, what the service does is review stock charts primarily of penny stocks in the marijuana industry. Rod will also look at charts of stocks that members ask him to. The chart reviews cover chart patterns, support/resistance and price targets. The reviews are done via videos which are 30-60 minutes as well as through comments on his activity feed. Confirming what someone else wrote, too many videos that are too long and too repetitive throughout the video and with nearly every stock review the result is noncommittal. There are no trade alerts with this service so the description in Marketfly is deceptive and should be changed. There were trade alerts in the very beginning but as Rods paper tracking of his losing trades grew ever larger he dropped the trade alerts and removed the portfolio from the site. My BIGGEST complaint about the service is no trade alerts but not because I want the trades but rather because I want to see what kind of track record Rod can put together trading stocks based on his own chart analysis. In the beginning there were more losing trades than winning one's and his portfolio was negative so I suppose thats why he stopped the trading alerts. I think if someone has a service of this type it is important to see their own track record for trading. I don’t expect every trade to be a winner, but if Rod can’t make money trading his own system or using his own proprietary trading analysis then, well, do you really want the advice? Pretty much all hat no cattle with this service.

Frustrated with service today. No reports, can not log onto this afternoons service. Can not reply to Rod. Have not seen any new updates. Will not renew at this time.

pulled entire portfolio to restructure after bad buys. Successful trades few and far between. For same support available for free with very little research. Not enough new MJ stocks being watched. Membership raising to $50.00 is ludicrous. At the rate of growth on Rods portfolio a member must mirror his portfolio with $1600 to pay for membership, and that doesn't include trade fee. I only signed up because of the 75% off at $40 I dont find the website useful enough to justify that cost.

I cannot find any videos yet. Enjoyed the webinar and was able to follow the report so figured I'd get a head start.

I have honestly thought about canceling the service and going with just AB. I never feel like Rod is giving my actionable guidance. Everything is a hedge. This is suppose to be a trading service but there have been numerous opportunities lost. GWPH yesterday is just one example. It feels like Rod is so out-of-tune with what is happening in the sector (as compared to AB) that he misses the big picture which is critical to successful trading. I do have to give him credit in calling the sector (market) correction and I wish I had taken his advice. Truth is I am becoming less and less interested in this service. Sorry.

While I'm sure that seasoned, savvy traders can understand all the metaphors and fast paced analysis done by Rod, I know that novices cannot follow Rod as well. It would be great it Rod could use terms that were a little more understandable like - "this is a buy signal" or "this is a sell signal" etc.

Rod was great when I joined about 5 months ago. He use to make at least 1 trade a week which was either a good winning trade or he would put stops so you can get out on time. Now it's all about reading blogs and watching hours of videos NO TRADES! NOT ONE!. If you have the time to go through all the fluff you might find some valuable info, Otherwise it's just so time consuming to listen to him. Once you start listening then you have to replay it again to find out if the trade is really good because he will not give you a clear upfront opinion. Usually his remarks are that the trade could go either way so he doesn't trade them. It's a 50/50 shot with every trade. He is better then that but for some reason he holds back. If Rod goes back to open interest ideas along with trade alerts it probably would be worth it, Otherwise it's useless fluff. I will update my rating if I decide to stick around and wait for Rod to change back to his old style.

I'd like more consistency with livestream times and more features overall on the product. Rod has great technical skill I'd just like more chances to get his advice.

I think Rod does a good job. I use sma and ema for guidance on stocks. But I'm willing to learn from Rod.

I'm 61 years old. Successful. I didn't sign up to be scolded by a mean school marm. I'm sorry that Rod is very good at understanding what he does and so poor at communicating his insights. I don't have time for 90 minute rambles concerning 42 stocks. I need him to give me actionable insight simply and clearly either confirming or refuting what I learn from 420i. I'll finish my month and if things don't improve...


I think Rod is a really good tech teacher , but I would like to cancel the tech trader and stay in the 420Investor .

Oh and another thing is get Rod a new microphone or add a little compression to it..Piercing the old ear..ouch.

Still learning Rod's technique. Seems to be a bit confusing as he learns what people are looking for...most seem to want, just tell me when to buy and sell. The info seems to be a lot of after the fact info (IMO). I have not found it to be to useful. I am a follower of Alan and like his ways. Don't have enough time for both...just trying to give Rod a fair chance and he has value added to my portfolio. Alan like's to know the companies and who runs them I feel more secure in this thinking than strictly going my charts, that are relatively new with companies of little to no track record or sales.

Rod is a very astute trader BUT I don't feel that he is as available as much as is needed. Also, I miss his alerts, which were actionable, as opposed to trying to interpret daily action between his livestock broadcasts.