David Katz


Greetings. My name is David, founder of TradingFibz, LLC.

An educator first, I understand the patience and time it takes to learn anything new. As an inspiring investor years ago, I realized that if I wanted to learn what it took to be an investor/trader, it would take time and discipline. I don’t claim to be a guru, write articles, conduct free webinar’s and then load up your inbox, and claim to make thousands a day.

What I do – I teach in a methodical manner so you get it and can invest or trade with confidence.

I have taught many about the world of value investing and along the way picked up some fascinating methods for use in the market. By far, I have come to appreciate the order of numbers and thus applying the Fibonacci patterns to the stock market. Since then, I have adapted this to my own method and have learned to be the disciplined trader I am today.

I have had the extraordinary experience of teaching middle and high school students about the stock market, including participating in three years of stock market simulations where applying the Fibonacci patterns took 19 awards back to their school. This preceded my three year experience as a state Stock Market Game Coordinator. I have taught many workshops, spoken to numerous investing groups so whether it be adult or students, it’s all about the opportunity of awareness in one’s investments.

With all this invested time, I am now and still an inspiring trader as well as value investor. Taking home $100 a day in the market can be $2000 extra a month you didn’t have. Sure I hear of people making $4000 a day – I also hear of those losing $4000 a day. Question is not why did you make or lose so much – it’s how did you manage your trade or investment, how “greedy” did you get and lose it and did you have a stop loss in place.

Learning how to trade doesn't need to cost thou$ands of dollar$.

Pick a method, keep it simple and learn it well. Trade 1 or 2 stocks/futures and learn it’s personality.

My hope is to bring investing knowledge to many more and make it as easy as possible to comprehend. I hope you will find something on this site that is useful and tell a friend or two – especially if they are new to investing or trading.

It takes time, but with a little help and guidance, you can do this.

The best of trading and investing to you.

Feel free to stop by my home website anytime @ www.TradingFibz.com and check out my e-Manual.