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Generate Daily Profits In The First 90 Minutes In A Live Trading Room

You’re a day trader battling the markets…scalping profits every single day. You’re fighting for liquidity in a low volume, high volatile market.

You’re up against robots. The High Frequency Trading Machines (HFTs) are like transformers infiltrating your land. They’re smarter, faster, and stronger.

They’re also capable of going years without a losing week…and if they’re not losing, then who is? This is a zero sum game….

It’s time to adapt or be swallowed up. If you prefer the latter then stop reading now. The Morning Profit Maker is for the day traders that want to adapt to a changing market and get an edge.

The Morning Profit Maker is a live trading room and community ran by intra-day trading guru, Jea Yu, who has two decades and 20,000+ hours of real trading experience. He’s published three best selling books, has spoken at countless conferences around the country, and was named Forbes best of the web four years in a row under their active trading category.

Using the MPM live trading room, Jea will administer you realtime trade alerts based off of patterns that indicate when HFTs are scaling in and out of positions to scalp profits.

If you can’t fight em’…join em’!

How is this possible? Sounds crazy? It’s not, and by trading alongside Jea, watching his screen in realtime, and having him guide you all the way through each and every trade.…you will learn…

What to look for and when to look for it

How to time getting into position

How much to allocate per trade

Exactly when and how to exit

The HFTs move quickly but they’re big and leave a trail. And after a decade of studying patterns, testing, and optimizing…Jea identified the HFTs’ trails in the form of a pattern.

The pattern appears during the first 90 minutes of almost every trading morning when volatility is the highest. This is when HFT’s can make their move without being exposed.

They scalp profits from large cap stocks with high liquidity where they can lurk in the background.

MPM stalks these patterns, identifies what HFTs are scalping, jumps on their wave, and rides into profits with them.

Here’s everything that you’ll get with Morning Profit Market:

Access To Realtime Trade Alerts every morning, in the first 90 minutes of trading issued by Jea Yu via the live trading room. Jea will walk you through the entire trade. He’ll provide you the exact stock and price to get in at. He’ll show you the amount of shares allocated to the trade. And he’ll let you know exactly when to exit before liquidity dries up.

Live trading room & community will give you access to a live video feed of Jea Yu’s screen as well as chat access to Jea and the rest of the MPM community. The entire trade alert, from start to finish, will be delivered in this room. You’ll have the ability to ask questions on the go at anytime you want.

One-on-One communication with Jea Yu allows you ask questions or discuss the markets at anytime. Don’t understand what happened in a trade or why the market is performing a certain way? Jea and the entire MPM community is a click away.

Access to Jea Yu’s educational tools in forms of blog posts, daily recaps, weekly outlooks, videos of trade and pattern examples, and more…

Only YOU and your brokerage know how you’re doing in the markets on a daily basis.  You know if you need this or not.

Morning Profit Makers trade alerts and education will bring consistency to your trading strategy and build discipline in your trading behavior.

This isn’t for everyone and acceptance is not guaranteed.  There’s only one way to know if Morning Profit Maker is for you…click the “Subscribe” button now and find out.

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