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Trade Stocks Alongside One Of The Web's Technical Analysis Pioneers

Stock Technical Trader will give you access to regularly updated charts of the market's hottest stock ideas, with the commentary that you need to understand how to use them.

Those annotations are my proprietary patterns and setups. And they identify opportunities that other  analysts miss:

Breakouts: What is the specific price point where a consolidation starts becoming a trend? Most observers wait for the obvious, a new price extreme. My setups can identify a budding breakout with potential to increase profitability by multiple percentage points.

Risk: Even the most inactive investors increase and decrease their position sizes occasionally. My patterns can identify precise targets where trending becomes likelier to reverse for awhile. Traders can use this info to return to cash, or to rotate into a more attractive opportunity. Investors might consider selling calls against their longs.

Shorts: I can't guarantee the potential longer-term upside for every stock, but I can guarantee that their prices won't move in a straight line. Nothing in the market ever does. There will be phases when certain stocks are more likelier to drop, or correct and back down. We'll be there to identify that likelihood, and the appropriate prices. 

As a member of Stock Technical Trader, you will have all-in-one access to:

  • Real-time alerts to all of my trades, delivered to your inbox (or via text message, if you prefer)
  • Educational videos that will help you master technical analysis, no matter what level you're starting from
  • Regular blog posts that display and explain technical charts on the stocks that I'm watching
  • A chat-room where you can interact live to learn about and discuss using technical analysis to trade stocks

You will know in advance at what price the chart patterns expect to launch a new trend, and what price the chart patterns expect it to reach. 

Equally important, you will know what price and what price behavior should not develop unless the trend is failing. 

And my comments will help you to better understand the decision-making process behind buying and selling stocks.

See what users are saying:

"Rod is a true charting genius, rarely wrong it what he shows us. Besides the education I have found the information to be highly profitable." ~TedInFlorida

The best site hands down for stock research. Told non-stop DD on all the stock worth looking at and fast up-to-date information during the day." ~ReeferRocks

"Excellent analysis and offers not only specific entry/exit prices but the exact conditions that must be met in order to satisfy taking action on those prices. Could not recommend Rod higher!" ~MattyC

"Great value and daily developing investment opportunities!" ~Tweedy Bird

"Rod knows his charts and explains what the information means. I'm learning a lot." ~PSSSST

"Presents an extraordinarily effective alternative for portfolio management." ~Cannabiz

"Spot on - Rod teaches you about stock charts and moves - this all adds up to having an edge on the public at large - and that makes a huge difference." ~Scrapple Head

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