We Welcome a Government Shutdown

First the Facts

· It appears the government shutdown will go intoaffect tonight at midnight barring a miracle in DC.

· The GOP House will not pass a budget that doesnot include some type of defunding or delay of Obamacare.

· On the other side of the aisle, the Democratswill not agree to any delay or defunding of Obamacare.

The Markets

· The S&P 500 was already down 2% in the lastweek and a half as investors began to anticipate a potential governmentshutdown.

· The index is down another 0.8% this morning asthe realization of a shutdown is upon us.

· The 3% pullback from the all-time high set 12 daysago is a buying opportunity in our opinion.

· Does anyone truly believe the government willshutdown for a prolonged period of time? Politicians on both sides need to getreelected and no American wants to see our country shut down.

· The short-term situation will clearly weigh onstocks and once a budget is passed investors will go back to buying onfundamentals and the Fed and this equals higher prices.

· Therefore, use the weakness to buy into themarket.

· Think about the lower prices of stocks and ETFsas a Clearance Sale at your local retailer. It only lasts a few days and whynot stock up on toilet paper at a discount. You know you will eventually use it.The same goes with the stock market. You know you will be in the market for thelong-term, why not buy in now at a discount?

MarkETForce Members

· We will be sending out a more detailed update onthe potential Government Shutdown and an updated ETF WatchList.

· Also expect an email with at least one new ETF recommendationfor the MarkETForce Portfolio this week.

· If you are not yet a Member of MarkETForce you can sign-up today to get all out insights and ETF recommendations by clicking here.


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